Cloud Workflow Management and BPM Software

Put your Business Processes & Workflows in the Cloud with Process Director

Cloud-based solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are now established ways of delivering and working with software and applications. Process Director cloud BPM and cloud workflow management combines the benefits of the cloud with the power of Process Director, enabling your business to take advantage of the full capabilities of the world’s leading BPM software and workflow software solution with little or no capital investment.

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Advantages of Leveraging Process Director Cloud BPM and Workflow Software

Offering cloud based workflow management and cloud BPM, Process Director Cloud Edition is perfect for organizations seeking to:

  • Minimize capital, infrastructure, and IT expenses
  • Leverage the ubiquitous access of the cloud (without sacrificing security)
  • Rapidly address business challenges without the delays associated with acquiring or provisioning server hardware

Discover the Flexibility of Cloud Based Workflow Software

Process Director cloud based BPM and cloud based workflow management subscription packages are flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization. Cloud workflow and BPM options include:

  • Multi-tenant, for smaller organizations or niche solutions
  • Private instance, for larger organizations or broad, cross-functional solutions
  • Custom BPM and Workflow Solutions

Elastic BPM

As a cloud based BPM solution, Process Director offers a unique elastic capability providing elastic provisioning and billing features enabling you to quickly and easily adjust capacity to meet your needs. You decide when you need additional resources, and how the billing for those resources should be allocated. Only BP Logix can offer you the convenience and reduced capital cost of cloud computing, and the flexibility of elastic BPM, all combined with the power of Process Director.