Interacting with suppliers and contractors in a collaborative environment enables municipal government agencies like utility and energy companies to better serve their markets. Add to that the requirement for cost-effective municipal government software that includes approaches to regulatory compliance including electronic signatures, mobile BPM support for field personnel and link data from internal systems to external inquiries which are some of the business process improvements that workflow software and BPM software brings to theses Utility & Energy organizations.

Process Director BPM software is a municipal government software alternative that helps pipeline companies, utility providers and distribution organizations manage, monitor and continuously improve internal business activities.

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Business Process Governance and BPM Compliance

Process Director BPM software and workflow software helps Utility and Energy organizations easily operate fluid, reliable, and dynamic processes while at the same time ensuring that they don’t run afoul of auditors and regulators. Strong, compliant processes are the best predictor of a healthy and growing business. With Process Director workflow software as a municipal government software solution, municipal government agencies like Utility & Energy organizations can flourish even in the face of ever-changing regulatory and business process governance conditions. It’s the best municipal government software solution for secure, auditable BPM compliance.

Utility & Energy Workflow Software Examples

Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division (MLGW) is the largest three-service municipal utility in the U.S. with more than 420,000 customers. Owned by the city of Memphis (hence its name) MLGW has provided electricity, natural gas and water for residents of Memphis and Shelby County since 1939.

The Utility & Energy company also operates one of the largest artesian well systems in the world that delivers water to more than 254,000 customers over a distribution network that measures more than 4,650 miles. MLGW has 2500 employees who need access to web applications, forms, policies and “how to” documentation which are delivered through iHub, the company intranet.


Top on the list of business process management priorities was a Utility & Energy workflow software solution for automating the workflows and complex system of forms that are used to manage MLGW’s business . They wanted a municipal government software that could dramatically reduce the sheer volume of paper documents and put an end to delays caused by routing bottlenecks and the need for multiple approvers across different locations.

Process Director Utility & Energy Workflow Software and BPM Software Solution

Within 90 days of training, the IT team rolled out a number of forms and workflows simultaneously. The new workflows are addressing flaws in current processes, allowing users to quickly address and fix them.

• Process Director mobile BPM has significantly decreased routing, review and approval times have as users can approve electronic forms on their mobile devices.
• There is greater alignment between IT and business users.

Being a municipal utility, MLGW must consistently comply with federal regulations. Now that MGLW uses Process Director as it’s municipal government software alternative, their forms are automated, documents are more easily accessed and audits are faster and smoother.

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Memphis Light, Gas & Water

A three-service municipal utility, MLGW implemented BPM to
automate the workflows and forms it uses to manage the business.