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Application Integration

By BP Logix on Aug 28, 2018 6:55:03 AM

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Organizations go to great lengths to explain to prospective BPM vendors their company culture and how technology is used therein: from overworked IT departments that are not able to respond to change requests in a timely manner, or a remote sales team that operates predominantly in the field who requires mobile and cloud capabilities, or that the main users are youthful and more accustomed to consumer-like user interfaces. No matter the situation, companies due their due diligence to be clear on what application integration capabilities are required in their potential workflow solution and how it should augment within their current infrastructure.

Extensibility and Enterprise Application Integration Capabilities

Organizations are becoming more complex. That said, they do not want it to also become more complicated. They increasing rely on internal data from enterprise application as well as from third-party repositories. Without them, they would not have a complete picture of what their company is doing or how problems can be addressed as they arise. Choosing a low-code/no code BPM solution that has application integration with APIs, workflows, forms and business rules, offers, hooks and callouts that support scripted interactions is now necessary to achieve a macro-view of an organization. The ability to access data through application integration with extensive web services and APIs because the solution adheres to WSDL and works with REST-enabled applications also is stepping into the forefront of decision-making queue. With a solution having BPM application and workflow application and document imaging integration build in, the confidence that it will be able to meet not only current needs— but also ongoing changes as the organization grows, changes, and adapts— becomes secure.

Process Director BPM Software Offers The Following:

• Database Application Integration
• Document Imaging Software / Scanners
• File System Monitor Application Integration
• Email Servers
• Web Services / REST
• Social BPM Application and Workflow Application Integration
• SharePoint Integration

No Programmer? No Problem

If your goal is to deliver data digitally and fast then Process Director is the BPM software solution for you. With Process Director rapid application development software, you can focus on solving business issues instead of creating software to do so. BPM software that relies on low code or no code is relevant to business users today.

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