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Knowledge Management Definition Explained

By BP Logix on Oct 25, 2017 3:04:03 PM

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What is Knowledge Management?

What is knowledge management (KM), you ask? It’s the term for the management of knowledge assets within an organization including document management, content management, business process management and more. It can include initiatives, strategies, analysis, accessibility and knowledge creation.

The Knowledge Management Definition Involves:

• Understanding how knowledge is kept and where
• A learning culture (continuous improvement)
• Understanding what needs to be known
• How to acquire information
• How knowledge is shared
• How knowledge is created
• Knowledge accessibility and permissions
• How information lines up with organizational mission, vision, and strategic goals
• Both tools and people

What is Knowledge Management to BP Logix?

BP Logix’s Process Director BPM software was recently named to KMWorld’s 2017 Top 100 Companies That Matter In Knowledge Management , for the 8th consecutive year. With its unique Knowledge Views, Process Director allows you to conveniently find and list information, such as electronic forms, process timelines , attachments, documents, or workflows.

These knowledge views provide a look into the database to show you information in a way similar to predefined searches. They empower users to navigate and retrieve information based on specific criteria in order to locate information fast. Knowledge Views can be set up with permissions to ensure the right information is available to the right people at the right time, creating intelligent and reliable navigation, searching, reporting, retrieval, and data population. Search results can then be displayed within the browser as a chart, graph, or data, downloaded into Excel or CSV files, or can trigger a results based process.

Process Director BPM Software Is Your KM Solution

Organize and distribute documents, content, and smart forms (e-forms) through automatically assigned metadata which allows information to be made available quickly and easily. With hierarchical taxonomy, unstructured content brings related information together in a logical way that allows you to tag data and find it easier than ever before.

Process Director is an award winning BPM software featuring workflow management software tools to help your business excel. Learn more about BP Logix’s Process Director for your business and request a demonstration. One of our BPM experts will learn about your goals and requirements and tailor a demonstration to meet your specific needs.


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