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Healthcare Systems Approval Process Improvement

By BP Logix on Jul 5, 2017 9:28:35 AM

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Healthcare systems are no different than other systems that demand process efficiency, but they also have the additional challenges of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Consequently, healthcare has a higher demand for robust document management than most in order to tackle the challenges around GRC and high volume paperwork.

In this information age, healthcare systems must find easier ways to manage everything from sales and marketing collateral to e-form submissions and ever-changing client, or patient, data. Process efficiency can easily be lost among the cluster of approvals, files, and folders.

Process Director BPM software from BP Logix includes a set of unique workflow capabilities that are designed to support healthcare systems approval process, document management, overall workflow, and compliance needs. Below are three brief examples:

Case Study: MultiPlan’s Healthcare Systems Approval Process

MultiPlan, a leading provider of healthcare cost management solutions serving nearly 900,000 healthcare providers, needed a solution to manage their electronic approval process. Additionally, they wanted a solution that would easily integrate with their current financial and resource management applications and offered cloud technology.

Process Director from BP Logix was implemented to create a solution that not only met those requirements, it also automated their capital expenditure approvals electronically and incorporated workflow, business logic, and reporting into their overall business processes. Today, all the required information on major expenses are accessed through a central portal to streamline asset retention and disposition and purchase orders are automated.

The approval process is more efficient than before with emails that are automatically sent to approvers and alerts auto-set when action is required. Although not part of the original plan, because Process Director worked so well, MultiPlan decided to use it to develop and manage their contract management process as well.

Case Study: Approval Process Improvement at National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is dedicated to research focused on the understanding, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders and the promotion of mental health. Managing and tracking the volume of forms as the organization continued to expand became an administrative challenge they needed to solve. They had a particular need in the area of IT procurements, which were required to meet GRC standards as well as be reviewed and approved.

BP Logix Process Director was used to streamline the review and approval process, as well as to support their need to watch and maintain their budget. Within two months, initial workflows and database integration with their back-end systems were in place. Teleworker authorization and IT procurements were the most needed and first implemented workflows that resulted in 50% savings on account and support calls, a 50% decrease in time spent reviewing requests, and a 95% reduction in equipment and software procurement. Due to this success, NIMH currently has developed over 60 workflow and smart forms using Process Director.

Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Approves Digital Submissions

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) needed to collaboratively manage their sales and marketing documents, specifically the review and approval of digital submissions, including multi-media files. They were looking for a cloud-based, mobile-friendly healthcare systems solution that could keep all relevant data in a single location. BP Logix Process Director was the implemented solution that resulted in cost savings and a faster review and approval process. This further led to them to win the Business Process Management Excellence Award.

"Knowing that this initiative is based on our technology, and that we are enabling J&J to achieve this objective, is both satisfying and rewarding," Jay O'Brien, BP Logix CEO

BP Logix Process Director healthcare systems approval process software has supported healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and life sciences organizations to bring organizational efficiency, cost reduction, standardization, compliance, and simplicity to their workflow processes.

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