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National Institute of Mental Health

What John had to say about his experience…

Capabilities and Needs

“We were looking for a product that could handle our complex database lookups, conditional workflow branching and the dynamic nature of some of the healthcare workflow processes we have to produce. We also needed to find one with an interface to other systems that would be acceptable.”

Benefits of Process Director

“With the increased accountability and reporting that Process Director provides, our review and oversight processes are painless compared to the unwieldy healthcare workflow processes we had before.”

“Process Director has made a substantive contribution to NIMH’s ability to review, approve and account for IT procurements. Regulatory compliance solutions with standards in terms of the technologies themselves, as well as procurement and property regulations is now very high and the Institute can now demonstrate it is in compliance and is fully accountable and auditable.”

About the National Institute of Mental Health

NIMH is the largest scientific organization in the world, dedicated to research focused on the understanding, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders and the promotion of mental health.

Business Challenge

John S. Harris, Chief Information Officer at National Institute of Mental Health, is responsible for automating the Institute’s key management and administrative healthcare workflow processes, including the forms, approvals and documents associated with those processes.

Effectively handling the sheer number of forms that keep a research organization moving efficiently is difficult. And, as the organization grew, tracking and managing forms became an administrative challenge that needed to be addressed.

NIMH had an especially critical need to manage IT procurements – to ensure compliance with organizational and governmental standards, and to secure and account for appropriate reviews, approvals and expenditures.

The goal for Harris and his team was two-fold:

  • To streamline the IT acquisition process
  • Account for every expenditure and threshold

BP Logix Solution

Harris developed a matrix of the capabilities, needs and wants that NIMH required for its electronic forms and healthcare workflow processes, including:

  • Streamline and automate processes quickly
  • Ability to interface with other systems
  • Help users gain a better understanding of where forms and approvals are in the process
  • A system as intuitive as possible, reflecting the way the Institute already works

Concluding the evaluation process, NIMH decided that BP Logix Process Director BPM software and workflow management software offered exactly what the Institute needed in terms of healthcare workflow automation, smart forms and customization capabilities.

“It was the best fit for our needs in terms of capabilities and rapid time to deployment,” remarked Harris.

Business Results

Within two months of acquiring Process Director, Harris’s team deployed an initial set of workflows and database connectors that integrated with their back-end systems. Included in those initial workflows were teleworker authorization and IT procurements.

Institute wide, streamlining and accelerating NIMH’s healthcare workflow processes has resulted in:

  • A 50% reduction in review time for requests
  • A 95% reduction of equipment and software procurement
  • A 50% reduction in cost to account and support calls

As a result of these initial implementations, NIMH has gone on to develop more than 60 workflow and smart forms using BP Logix Process Director.


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