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Cloud Workflow Management Software

By BP Logix on Oct 9, 2018 7:12:32 PM


The Elastic Cloud-Based Workflow Solution

No business is 100% predictable. On some days, you can hardly handle the volume that’s coming through the door. On others, there’s extra time to catch up. But are your cloud workflow management software solutions flexible enough to accommodate both your busiest and quietest periods? Or, do you have to pay for peak capacity at all times, just so that it’s available when you need it?

Process Director cloud BPM and cloud workflow management software grows to meet peak demand when your business requires it, while keeping your costs to a minimum when it does not. In technical terms, Process Director is a high-control BPM platform — but you’ll come to know it simply as a cloud-based workflow solution that quickly and easily adjusts to your needs. Shift into overdrive with additional capacity for those busy times, and apply the brakes to reduce costs when your workload permits. It’s all in your hands.

Private Instance Cloud-Based Workflow Solutions


Fluctuating demand for your services may be predictable (for example, an accounting firm during tax season) or seemingly random. In either case, Process Director cloud BPM and cloud workflow management software has you covered with self-provisioned resources and elastic billing.


Project-driven customers can take advantage of Process Director’s easy provisioning/deprovisioning. Quickly bring new instances online as new projects arise, and just as quickly deactivate them when each project is complete. Elastic billing makes it easy for you to allocate costs appropriately.


Choose the workflow solution that best fits your needs and your budget. Process Director BPM and workflow management software can be provisioned as a virtual instance on shared hardware, or on-premise dedicated hardware. And, your license does not limit the number of users, workflows, or reports in your environment.


Regardless of which architecture you choose, your Process Director BPM software private instance is allocated for your exclusive use. Dedicated CPU and memory resources, and a dedicated database instance, offer you the flexibility to provide as many workflow applications to as many users as your business requires.


Of course, in order to be sure that you’re provisioning the appropriate resources for your needs, you need to be able to monitor those resources in real time.

Process Director Cloud Workflow Management Software offers:

  • Historical resource usage
  • Threshold-triggered alerts
  • Scheduled auto-provisioning

Multitenant Cloud-Based Workflow Solutions

For smaller applications, applications with a limited number of users, or just as a quick way to get started, Process Director cloud workflow management software also features a multitenant option. The multitenant option offers the full power of Process Director cloud BPM and cloud workflow management software solutions at a fixed per user cost. Of course, multitenant customers enjoy the benefits of elastic provisioning, enabling you to increase or decrease the number of available user licenses as needed. Your invoice will automatically reflect these changes, and will include billing codes that will allow you to allocate usage costs appropriately within your organization.

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