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“All of our electronic workflow processes are now captured by Process Director – and they are more fluid and efficient. The product is a very powerful BPM tool and it is obvious that we are more effective and efficient having deployed it.”

– Jim Honea, Director of Technology

Multi-Chem’s Decision Criteria for an Electronic Workflow Solution:

  • Mirror yet improve on existing business processes – making it easier for users to learn
  • To work the way users currently worked without requiring a significant amount of configuration
  • Locate any form at any point in time
  • Send email alerts and electronic notifications
  • Provide electronic signature technology
  • Ensure that information (for example name and date) was standardized
  • Designate who could see and submit forms

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The Solution: Standardized Business Processes through Workflow Automation

Beginning with HR processes then expanding to Finance, Training and Facilities, Multi-Chem is automating its workflows and business processes, becoming more efficient and effective. Company policies are more easily enforced and its business processes uniform and standardized.

There is also no longer a need to FedEx documents between locations and departments. Process Director’s electronic audit trail tracks approvals and authorizations; the status of any document is immediately known and both completed and pending approvals are visible. Employees receive email notifications as new documents are checked in so that they can access and process those documents.

Read how Multi-Chem Utilized Process Director to Meet Their Criteria:

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