Internal Process Automation Solutions With Process Director BPM Software

Process Director has always been the internal process automation solution of choice for meeting the business process management (BPM) requirements of enterprises, mid-sized companies, agencies, and non-profits. These business and IT leaders have counted on Process Director to automate and improve internal processes, and have realized the many benefits of doing so.

Increasingly, forward-looking organizations have begun to look for ways to take advantage of cloud-based and social media technologies to extend their internal processes not only more broadly across their own enterprises, but also outward to their customers, partners, and suppliers. Process Director BPM software provides the capabilities and features for internal process automation making this strategic expansion possible.

The Process Director social capabilities were built with three simple principles in mind:

  • Engage the customer by making it easy for her to communicate her problems and expectations, and for you to acknowledge them.
  • Embrace the customer by enabling him to participate directly within the internal processes you have designed for them.
  • Extend the cloud into your work environment by integrating popular cloud services within your workflows.

Engage the Customer

Customers today set a higher price than ever on their loyalty. They expect not only outstanding products at a reasonable price—they demand round-the-clock access to company representatives and swift resolution to problems.

Social media, mobile apps, and cloud-based services have been the primary drivers behind this shift to greater customer engagement. The legacy customer service model of the (frequently offshore) phone center accessed via IVR (interactive voice response) systems has been completely upended by the simplicity and immediacy of Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retailers—those hardy survivors of the first e-commerce revolution—are facing competition within their own walls by customers “showrooming” products on the shelves, seeking lower prices online. Customers are mobile, they’re connected, and their expectations are high.

How can you leverage BPM software to engage these customers? By making sure you can reach them where they live: in the mobile, socially-connected cloud. Process Director BPM software provides you with internal process automation solutions that gives you the power to:

  • Drive workflow behavior from social media events (such as a tweet or Facebook status update)
  • Respond to your customers via Twitter (tweet, RT, DM, reply)
  • Manage Facebook campaigns (likes/unlikes, comments)

Engaging your customer with Process Director will help you improve your internal process management which leads to gaining exposure, increasing customer satisfaction, and ultimately improving retention rates for your organziation.

Use Case

You're waiting for your flight to push back from the gate, comfortable in the business class seat the airline upgraded for you just before boarding. As directed, you are reviewing the safety card from the seat back in front of you when your realize that the overhead light isn't working. You send a tweet:

The airline customer service agent is using Process Director to identify problems reported by customers. He views the tweet, and from the same window, opens a service ticket to have the matter looked at by a maintenance team at the next airport.

Once the ticket has been created, the agent sends a response to the customer via Twitter, again from the same Process Director electronic form:

Fortunately, there's another seat available. You settle in, reassured by the knowledge that you were able to reach somebody at the company who actually cared about your issue.

Embrace the Customer

Engaging your customers by connecting with them on social media is an important step. The next is to give them the opportunity to interact with you directly within your own business processes—processes that extend beyond your corporate boundaries to offer valuable services, not only to your customers, but to your partners and suppliers as well.

Process Director BPM software provides internal process automation solutions enabling you to provide a broad range of services to individuals not only inside your organization but outside of your organization as well. Your customers can participate directly in your workflows as authenticated users by taking advantage of the accounts they already have from providers such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Your corporate partners and suppliers can login as well using federated authentication technology such as SAML or ADFS.

Of course, Process Director BPM software includes strict, granular protections, so your outside users only have access to the workflows, forms, and data that you've authorized them to use. Offer secure access to your custom services to partners and suppliers, prospects and customers, enhancing your value proposition and strengthening your relationships.

Use Case

Let's extend the previous example. Besides simply thanking you, perhaps the airline wants to go a bit further and compensate you for your inconvenience. The customer service agent's response might be:

You go straight to the site and pick up the coupon. Because you're already logged into Twitter, and the offer is linked to that account, only you have access to download the coupon. You download it to your phone, and present it to the flight attendant. Drink in hand, you kick back and relax for the remainder of the flight.

Meanwhile, Process Director internal process automation solutions has opened a service ticket and added it to a group queue for maintenance. The airline outsources its maintenance activities to a third party, but a technician from that company is able to log in to the airline's system and accept the ticket. The technician does not have a login on the airline's network, but rather is able to use his login credentials from his own employer thanks to Process Director's support for federated authentication via SAML.

Extend the Cloud

Process Director has always enabled you to build and manage your internal processes in your datacenter or in the cloud. Now, Process Director BPM software brings internal process automation to the cloud, enabling you to integrate a variety of useful and popular network- and cloud-based services directly into your business processes. Save files to Dropbox, download documents from Google Docs, or populate form fields with data from Amazon SimpleDB. Whether you are filling dropdown menus using Google Sheets, or collaborating with colleagues on a presentation using Sharepoint, Process Director brings the cloud to your internal process management.

Use Case

You work in a widely distributed enterprise. Projects are set up and torn down relatively often, and teams are highly dynamic. Project documentation is tracked within SharePoint, but tracking project organization—who leads which effort, who is involved, etc.—can be difficult. The company is attempting to track this information using the cloud, so that no matter where somebody is, they have access to, and can update, the relevant data.

But organizational data isn't only useful for human consumption—your business uses this information to determine, for example, to whom to assign a given task, or how an overdue task should be escalated. When an escalation event occurs, Process Director BPM software provides internal process automation solutions that retrieve the necessary information from from an Amazon SimpleDB table in real time, combine it with documentation extracted from SharePoint, and forward a notification to the appropriate individual for further action.

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