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Process Director: A Cloud BPM (Business Process Management) Solution

Discover the Advantages of Leveraging Workflow and BPM Software in the Cloud


Process Director cloud workflow management and cloud BPM software subscription packages are flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.


Cloud workflow and BPM options include:

  • Multi-tenant, for smaller organizations or niche solutions
  • Private instance, for larger organizations or broad, cross-functional solutions
  • Custom cloud business process management and workflow solutions


Process Director is ideal for organizations seeking a Cloud BPM software to:


  • Minimize capital, infrastructure, and IT expenses
  • Leverage the ubiquitous access of the cloud (without sacrificing security)
  • Rapidly address business challenges without the delays associated with acquiring or provisioning server hardware
  • MS Project-like builder: list tasks, dependencies
  • Process Timeline automatically generates and updates a Gantt-style chart to show you, at a glance, how (and for how long) the process will run


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BP Logix was listed four years in a row on the  Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant


Analyst giant Gartner included BP Logix in its fourth consecutive year within the highly prestigious iBPMS magic quadrant, which they define below:


“The intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS) market is the natural evolution of the earlier BPMS market, adding more capabilities for greater intelligence within business processes. Capabilities such as validation (process simulation, including “what if”) and verification (logical compliance), optimization, and the ability to gain insight into process performance have been included in many BPMS offerings for several years. Intelligent business process management suites have added enhanced support for human collaboration such as integration with social media, mobile-enabled process tasks, streaming analytics and real-time decision management.”


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Elastic Cloud Business Process Management


Process Director cloud BPM and cloud workflow management combines the benefits of BPM in the cloud with the power of Process Director, enabling your business to take advantage of the full capabilities of the world’s leading business process management software with little or no capital investment.

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