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Product Excellence through Customer Satisfaction

We work hard to get prospects (including, hopefully, you!) to think favorably about Process Director —and encourage them to think about new ways they can leverage the product. In an effort to do that, we write material that describes the product, explains the market, and communicates how Process Director can be applied to achieve business goals. The content we produce is remarkably effective, but the greatest marketing and sales assets we have are our customers.

Our Chairman of the Board, Ed Skiko, once explained that we are focused on “…the duality of excellent products and keen customer awareness.” Looking through the lens of many years of experience in this business, we know that customers demand excellent products, and excellent products can only be delivered if we know what customers need.

We spend a great deal of time with  BP Logix’s customers and, while we are indeed in learning mode to understand how to help solve their business-critical issues, we also genuinely like them as people. Indeed, we have walked away from potential deals when we felt there was not a good fit. Our intention is to create long-term partnerships.  We want to know their stories, and to be reliable and useful for the long-term. It’s also nice to enjoy the relationships we create along the way.

Perhaps the best way to get to know us is through our customers — and to hear about what they are doing. Almost all of them began with needing to address specific problems: processes that needed to be automated, filing cabinets full of forms and documents that could not be accessed in a timely manner, a growing IT backlog, process development that required too many cycles of technical personnel, lack of consistent data in forms, and a host of other issues that kept CIOs and LOB managers awake at night —and prevented them from making meaningful improvements to their business.

The IT department at MultiPlan was looking for a better way to handle capital and major expenditure requests. Their existing solution (built on the old workhorse Lotus Notes) was outdated and incapable of meeting the growing needs of this healthcare cost management provider. The Finance department wanted to work with forms and documents that were based on the ones that had used for many years.  IT wanted to satisfy the needs of Finance, yet provide them with an application that offered other possibilities. (After the initial CapEx process went live, MultiPlan went on to create processes for Asset Management and Disposal, as well as Contract Management.) With the our Cloud BPM edition of Process Director, MultiPlan has met both objectives.  Employees are working with forms that mirror what they have known for years; they can easily identify the requirements for their procurement requests, then track and manage those requests through to the approval stage. With its robust workflow management software capabilities and predictive capabilities, Process Director has dramatically changed how MultiPlan handles some of the most critical parts of its Finance organization.

Vulcan Materials, headquartered in Alabama, is keenly aware of how increasing business efficiency can both help its customers prosper and directly impact its bottom line. The company continually seeks ways to optimize and improve its operations.  A few states to the west, IT management at the County of Fresno  in California needed greater insights into its business processes. Both companies had legacy systems that were still usable— but could not provide the level of analysis, reporting or awareness that was required. In addition, the assistance of technical staff was needed to update and maintain the systems. Both customers are champions of Process Director because changes to their underlying business processes enable them to operate more effectively, which have led to better customer experiences. These, in turn, have created greater alignment between the business owners and IT staff.

These are just some examples that we hope will start you thinking about Process Director. We encourage you to get to know our customers and to listen to their stories. You will learn what is important to them and how they view their “before” and “after” business and technology scenarios. Then, have a look at Process Director for yourself and let us know if we can partner with you to create your business story.

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