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Approval Workflow Software: Approval Process Solutions

By BP Logix on Feb 24, 2017 5:42:56 AM

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Is the Approval Process Slowing Your Organization Down?

Business workflow processes that require the approval of another employee or employees before it can be completed is considered an approval workflow.

An example could be an ad manager signing approval on a piece of advertising copy, or a management approval on an employee expense or even a timecard punch or purchase order. Approval workflow software can help automate the approval process to improve process efficiency, streamline the approvals or even issue automatic approvals under specific criteria.

How Does Process Director Work?

Process Director approval workflow software triggers alerts, such as a message within the software, or to the approving party’s e-mail or mobile device. In the case of time-sensitive approvals, the event can even trigger alerts if the deadline is in jeopardy of not being met, such as the case of a production deadline or legal timestamp requirement. This type of trigger can create a check point that expedites it for human interaction.

It creates a consistent pattern of trackable tasks, which is important for legal, regulatory and/or compliance reasons. It eliminates the need for human memory, by creating timelines and processes that automatically trigger alerts for needed tasks, and creates accountability to procedures, improving efficiency.

Other advantages of Process Director approval workflow software include:
• Workflow automation with consistent adherence to workflow processes
• Simplifies the manual approval process by automating repetitious, laborious or otherwise cumbersome activities into efficient ones
• Stores electronic forms for easy retrieval and eliminates lost paperwork, ideal for audits and BPM compliance purposes
• Alerts to prevent missed deadlines and even alerts to notify of potential down time

An Example Of Process Director In Action

Leo Burnett, an enterprise marketing agency, needed a formalized, cloud-based solution to create a better sales and customer process, namely to manage client approvals on estimates. They were looking for a scalable solution that allowed clients to review and approve estimates provided by the agency, as well as a process that allowed for updates along the way. This interchanges and back and forth process needed to be streamlined to eliminate potential clients falling through the cracks.

The agency implemented the approval workflow software, Process Director. Now, specific users create estimates, and the predefined criteria allow each estimate to go through the specific and appropriate approval routes required by each project type. Approvers receive email notifications that allow them to open, review and approve estimates without leaving the system, streamlining it to the next triggered task.

The review and approval process is now uniform and consistent. Process Director routes and manages the approval process while the appropriate parties review and approve all the estimates. Ready to discover Process Director’s capabilities for yourself? The BP Logix approval workflow software is designed to meet the demands of your business needs. Process Director can simplify even the most complex systems to make them more effective and efficient. Contact us to learn more or schedule a free demonstration today.

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