Vaccine Tracker App for K-12 Schools

Meet your school system's vaccination and testing mandates with ease.

The BP Logix Vaccine Tracker app automates the confirmation of employee COVID-19 vaccination status and test results. Explore the app:

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Designed for rapid deployment

Faced with a looming compliance deadline for confirming vaccination status or test results? The Vaccine Tracker app can be customized and rolled out in your school in a matter of weeks via secure cloud deployment (SOC2/3).

Mobile-friendly & accessible

We've made tracking vaccinations and testing as easy and accessible as humanly possible. The web-based app features multi-language capabilities and a simple, intuitive form that can be used on any device – from desktops to tablets and phones.

Easy to integrate into existing systems

Connecting the Vaccine Tracker app with your existing data sources is a breeze, from student information systems (SIS) to human resources information systems (HRIS), and more.

Handle exceptions easily

The app automatically handles exceptions for users that indicate they have not been fully vaccinated. You can pose additional questions or collect additional information required for your school. 

Manage and report vaccination data

The administrator view of the app offers a robust, customizable dashboard with a bird’s eye view of your school’s vaccination data, as well as actionable reporting, data drilldowns, and always-on audit tracking. 

Customizable, flexible, and scalable

Built using our powerful low-code platform, the Vaccine Tracker app is endlessly customizable and easily scaled. The app can keep up with your school's changing requirements and help you avoid technical debt in the future.

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