Make medical information requests easy with AI

MIRador empowers medical affairs teams with full control and visibility to handle adverse event recordings, HCP dosage questions, and more.

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Handling medical information requests is a challenge without the right technology.

The available tools for handling MIRs are often not flexible enough to meet a company's unique SOPs or they were implemented in a top-down manner without fully understanding the needs of medical affairs.

Hindered by tools not meant for them, medical affairs teams are forced to adopt clunky workarounds and rely on rudimentary spreadsheets and shared inboxes.

Common challenges associated with handling MIRs in this way include:

Overly complex processes for assuring compliance with regulatory guidance and company-specific policies.

Poor experience for HCPs and patients, who often have to wait a long time to receive a response to their request.

Tedious, time-consuming report generation due to decentralization of information across multiple data sources.

The solution?




Respond quickly to MIRs.
Process MIRs faster so you can provide the best possible experience to HCPs and patients.

Get a process engine that works every time.
Enjoy visibility across your entire process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Designed to fit into your existing systems.
Configure workflows to perfectly suit the requirements of your organization’s unique SOPs.

Speed up report generation.
Compile data from multiple systems and sources so you can quickly generate weekly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

Optimize processes with predictive analytics.
Valuable performance insights make it easy to identify bottlenecks and improve processes.

Power up MIR handling with AI

MIRador's built-in AI assistant, Pathfinder, helps medical affairs professionals streamline the MIR process.

Automate internal handling of medical information requests.


Simplify compliance checks and optimize copy for standard response letters.


Why BP Logix?

Our flexible, scalable process automation solutions empower medical affairs teams at life science organizations to operate better and do their best possible work.


Built on a powerful low-code platform

With Process Director, you get a process engine that works every time.


Easily scale to support new processes

There's endless possibilities for automating and optimizing other processes, whether you use one of our pre-built use cases or create your own.

Cost-effective platform licensing

Enjoy the greatest bang for your buck as you create more new processes.


We're more than a SaaS provider

Get the convenience of SaaS with the added luxury of a consultative business partnership. We’re there to support you every step of the way.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Get the speed and affordability you need, plus powerful customization options not available in competing medical affairs solutions.

80% pre-built to 20% configurability

MIRador offers the perfect balance of pre-built functionality and flexibility, with 80% of the solution already built and the remaining 20% configured to your organization's specific requirements.


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With Approvia, you can:

  • Handle submissions as dossiers

    Approvia groups documents, reviewers, and processes into dossiers and then automatically assigns tasks to users based on their pre-configured role in the process. Role-specific dashboards allow users to see their assigned tasks for active submissions.

    Once a dossier is ready to go, send it off to the FDA with Approvia’s electronic submission integration.


  • Collaborate with ease

    Approvia break down information silos and enable seamless communication across teams.

    Instead of manually managing edits across multiple stakeholders, Approvia’s collaborative document editor allows submitters and reviewers to work together in real-time and avoid version control issues.

    Need to loop in external stakeholders? Deep linking allows external stakeholders to securely access and contribute to documents — no login or password necessary.


  • Improve visibility, reduce risk

    Always-on audit tracking logs every action taken during a process, providing unparalleled visibility and accountability. See every delay, change, and request in one place​, and generate reports with a click to prove compliance.


  • Configure to your SOPs

    Approvia is designed to be customized to your standard operating procedures, which prevents your users from adopting clunky workarounds or switching between multiple applications.