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Learning Paths | Process Director Training Courses | BP Logix

Mar 2, 2023 11:01:00 AM

Learning Paths are role-based collections of training courses that are designed to help you learn how to perform your work in the system. The training has five different learning paths that conveniently structure the training you'll need for your role.

To see the contents of each learning path click any of the Learning Path names below. Or, if you prefer, go directly to the Training Courses page to see a complete list of the training courses that are available.

Administrator Path

This Learning Path is for students who will administer Process Director Installations, but won‘t be performing any implementation tasks to create applications.  

Implementer Path

This Learning Path is recommended for all users who will perform implementation/application development tasks in Process Director and provides the minimal training requirement needed to use the product effectively.

Advanced Implementation Path

This Learning Path builds on the Implementer Path to extend your knowledge to more advanced topics. It is recommended for implementers who already have some experience in creating applications, but who need to build on that knowledge. 

Implementation Manager Path

This Learning Path is designed for users who will manage implementers but won’t generally be performing implementation themselves. This Learning path provides a basic familiarity with how applications are developed in the low-code/no-code environment of Process Director. BP Logix also recommends that administrators consider taking this Learning Path, in addition to the Administrator Path, even if they will not be performing implementations. 

Process Director Path

This learning path contains all Process Director courses, to provide the fullest range of training available. Individuals who will be administering the system, as well as managing and implementing applications, may wish to consider assigning themselves to this path. This Learning Path allows students to take courses in any order. 

Dale Franks

Written by Dale Franks

Dale Franks is the Business Solutions Manager for BP Logix, and is responsible for all Process Director training and documentation.

Learning Paths

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