I’ve talked about business process management (BPM) in general in some earlier posts, and I’ll keep doing that.  But once in a while, everyone is entitled to toot their own horn.  We’re gonna do some horn-tooting today.

Often I’ll find myself in a conversation with an enterprise architect or CIO or even CEO, only to discover that they really have no background in BPM software and workflow software, and haven’t learned (yet) what BPM software and workflow software can offer their business.  I like to take that opportunity to highlight three key benefits of our product, Process Director.

  1. Transparency.  It can be difficult for senior business leaders to gain a comfort level with the various hardware and software “black boxes” deployed by IT.  Process Director bridges that gap with a solution that is fully customizable and extensible, and yet does not require programmers.
  2. Efficiency.  If process improvement is important to a business—and in today’s world, it needs to be—then automation and metrics are a core requirement.  Process Director measures the performance of each activity within a given process; as the process is executed over time, Process Director learns how its actual timeline varies from the original forecast. This unique capability, called predictive analysis, alerts process owners that upcoming activities may not complete on time, even before those activities have started.
  3. ROI. In any growing organization, the number of homegrown and off-the-shelf solutions accumulates pretty rapidly. Each one brings with it another team, another vendor, maintenance, updates, infrastructure, and training.  Process Director gives the CIO the opportunity to start replacing those one-trick-pony products with a flexible, customizable solution addressing a huge variety of business needs in operations, finance, HR, IT, sales, and other areas. Fewer vendors, less maintenance, reduced training costs, smaller infrastructure.

Transparency, efficiency, and ROI make a pretty valuable triumvirate at a time, like now, when businesses are struggling in all three areas.  It’s great to be able to address those areas for our customers, while (I admit it) having a great time doing it.