California Workplace Vaccination Tracking

Faced with Cal/OSHA ETS requirements, employers in California are turning to BP Logix's Vaccine Tracker App to manage workplace vaccination and test tracking.

Track employee vaccination status, test results, and symptoms

Comply with California's state OSHA ETS vaccination requirements.

Help prevent COVID-related workplace liability lawsuits


Help employees stay fit for duty so you can protect your business from penalties, litigation, and revenue loss.

Designed for rapid deployment

The Vaccine Tracker app can be customized and rolled out in workplaces in mere weeks, allowing you to stay one step ahead of compliance deadlines and policy changes.

Mobile-friendly & accessible

We've made tracking vaccinations and testing as easy and accessible as humanly possible, with multi-language capabilities, easy-to-use QR codes, and a simple, intuitive form that can be used on any device.

Easy to integrate into existing systems

Reduce administrative burden by seamlessly integrating the Vaccine Tracker app with HR information systems, Single Sign On, and other data sources.

Handle exceptions easily

The app automatically handles exceptions for unvaccinated workers by triggering workflows for enforcing weekly testing protocols and symptom surveys.

Manage and report vaccination data

The administrator view of the app offers  your clients a customizable dashboard with a bird’s eye view of employee vaccination data, as well as actionable reporting, data drilldowns, and always-on audit tracking. 

Customizable, flexible, and scalable

Built using our powerful low-code platform, the Vaccine Tracker app is endlessly customizable and easily scaled. The app can keep up with changing requirements and help you avoid technical debt in the future.

Take the app for a spin with our interactive product tours:

COVID-19 symptom survey QR code

Demo the COVID-19 Symptom Survey

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End user view of vaccine tracker app

Employee View

Experience the app as an employee uploading their vaccination and testing information.

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Supervisor view of the vaccine tracker app

Supervisor View

Learn how supervisors manage and validate employee vaccination and testing records.

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Administrator view of the vaccine tracker app

Administrator View

Configure vaccination policies for multiple jurisdictions, worksites, and occupation types.

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