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BP Logix Announces Process Director 4.0

By BP Logix on Mar 30, 2015 12:46:52 PM

New Version Includes Configurable Goals, Advanced Graphical Analytics and Enhanced Testing Support

San Diego, CA – March 18, 2015 — BP Logix, a provider of BPM solutions for rapid workflow app development, today announced plans to launch Process Director 4.0. This new version of the flagship product brings together advances in governance, development methodology, and goal orientation, giving organizations more control, more capabilities, and a smoother user experience than ever before. Process Director 4.0, in both on-premise and Cloud versions, will be available in the fall.

Process Director Version 3.0 enhanced BPM with social media integration, enabled customers to drive workflow behavior from social media events, respond to customers via Twitter and manage Facebook campaigns. Version 3.0 enabled organizations to provide services to customers, partners and suppliers outside their organization through cloud-based/federated identity integration, integrating popular network and cloud-based services directly into their business processes.

With Version 4.0 Process Director transcends organizational boundaries, tying together an organization’s business ecosystem with sophisticated, code-free workflow applications. Featuring smart web forms, advanced graphical analytics, and the unique Process Timeline™ workflow engine, Process Director asserts its leadership in BPM-enabled rapid workflow app development.

Process Director 4.0 was developed with the recognition that today’s technology organizations are being challenged as never before to deploy complex and creative applications that can respond to ever-changing market and regulatory conditions. Traditional software development, burdened by the time and expense of programming projects and millions of lines of legacy code, is failing to address application backlog and process automation. Process Director 4.0 is positioned to revolutionize the practice of producing custom applications within the enterprise, supplanting costly and inflexible programming efforts in favor of configurable, BPM-driven apps that are easier to build, manage, and update.

An acknowledged leader and award-winner in workflow automation software, Process Director Version 4.0 features enhanced testing support and comprehensive version control. It builds on the product’s extensive data and application integration tools with more capabilities for identifying and responding to changes in real- time. Process Director 4.0 monitors business conditions for adherence to configurable goals, responding immediately to non-conformities by issuing alerts or triggering any number of automated activities. The solution’s patented Process Timeline enhances its business monitoring and response capabilities by continuously evaluating the timeliness of all Process Director applications, offering the earliest possible opportunity to identify and correct potential future delays.

Process Director is an easy-to-deploy BPM solution that is business-friendly, does not require coding and offers a robust infrastructure. Its unique features include:

  • Control
    • Object- and project-level versioning improve governance and collaboration. This feature also supports A/B testing using a single click to switch between application versions.
    • Compliance Edition enhanced with advanced auditing and logging features, including new logs, new logging options, and extensive information on access rights by user, group, or object.
  • Capabilities
    • Set goals against aggregate data (for example: "25% of orders include at least 2 products") and specify behaviors when goal thresholds are crossed.
    • Set goals against individual instances (for example: "this order processed within one week of submission") and specify behaviors when goal thresholds are crossed.
  • User Interface
    • Modernized and streamlined desktop user interface.
    • Comprehensive mobile user interface redesign for an intuitive and responsive mobile experience.

These new features deepen the already significant capabilities of Process Director, including:

  • No code /low code rapid workflow app deployment
  • Visual process models
  • Microsoft Word-based e-form builder
  • Wizard-assisted integration with third partyapplications and databases
  • Social media integration
  • Standard (AD, LDAP), federated (ADFS, SAML, OAuth), and custom authentication

“Customers will not have to sacrifice governance and auditability to enjoy Process Director’s flexibility and rapid time-to-value,” stated Jay O’Brien, CEO of BP Logix. “Our goal is to enable companies to significantly reduce programmer headcount and gain greater control over their businesses.” Customers across North America and globally take advantage of Process Director full mobile support; SharePoint, MS Dynamics, and MS Office integration and social media support to build award- winning applications and drive their organizations to new levels of success.

About BP Logix
BP Logix unites IT and business users enabling them to deploy sophisticated, form-based, workflow-driven enterprise apps in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of traditional development. Our award-winning business process management (BPM) software powers workflow-driven solutions that cross organizational boundaries, embracing the C-suite, operations, sales, customers and prospects.

Customers including Abbott Labs, County of Fresno, DuPont, IDEX, Leo Burnett USA, Memphis Light, Gas and Water, MultiPlan, NEC Labs, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the National Institute of Mental Health, Rite Aid, RidgeWorth Capital Management and Vulcan Materials Company use BP Logix-powered workflow apps to deliver clear and measurable improvements in productivity, compliance, and customer engagement.

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