Info-Tech Research Names BP Logix a “Trend Setter”

We are honored to have been recognized recently by Info-Tech Research Group as a “trend setter” among companies that develop BPM software, workflow software and case management software solutions. In the Info-Tech Research Group report, Vendor Landscape: Business Process Management (BPM) Suites, the analyst firm reviewed a variety of attributes from ten vendors, including functionality, usability, affordability, architecture,  strategic importance, reach and company health. Info-Tech  determined that, among the  companies the firm interviewed, BP Logix was worthy of  placement in the “Innovator” quadrant —  and noted that we are “…pushing to automate business processes further through predictive modeling.” The report, which was careful to assess both the strengths and shortcomings of the vendors it evaluated, validated the functionality of Process Director — functionality that differentiates it from competitive products.

Info-Tech’s research perspective was illuminating — and invigorating.  We have identified areas that we will improve on and also appreciate ‘the nod’ from some very  insightful people on Process Director’s workflow management software features which they consdidered innovative and valuable. We hear that from customers – but hearing  it from a third-party gives us an incredible sense of pride and energizes us with purpose.

The Report
Info-Tech identifies the BPMS market as one that has evolved from the needs of “Business” to simplify the many processes organizations face as they grow.  Workflow software systems, document management,  application integration —  all of these are essential to an enterprise’s operations. Instead of a planned and structured approach to the operation of the business,  processes had, for the most part, been  allowed to evolve naturally.  Growth was occurring in spite of, but not because of, business processes.

As businesses then tried to leverage technology  to better organize their operations, they often  found  they  lacked a way to easily integrate tasks with processes and applications — and  were liable to complicate things further.

The Info-Tech view of BPMS is that there are some vendors who do specific things well yet fail to deliver a comprehensive solution. Content management vendors think of process as being driven by version control and intellectual property. Workflow companies produce solutions that involve moving processes along.  True BPMS vendors, in their eyes, recognize that customers need solutions that bring all the different process components together to provide a complete process lifecycle. BP Logix was recognized among some heady competition, including IBM and TIBCO, and recognized as an innovator and leader in providing value to customers. We were also acknowledged for pairing methodology with technology to create a comprehensive solution.

The market
In its report, Info-Tech looked to the future of  BPMS and found that only a select few (BP Logix among them) appear capable of  helping customers address changing business requirements. They suggest that the three key elements needed going forward are:

  1. Cloud: Vendors must be able to deliver a cloud BPM version that is both cost-effective and can integrate with existing applications. BPM also being offered as a service and platform in the Cloud (BPMSaaS, BPMPaaS).
  2. Social: BPMS solutions can be enhanced and optimized by using social collaboration and crowdsourcing.
  3. Predictive: Historical data allows for more accurate process development and optimization.

Where does BP Logix fit?
The  Info-Tech analysis illuminated the breadth of options available in the market. While we have faith in what we consider to be the right way to do BPM, customers have very different, and sometimes unique, needs.  There are, therefore, many ‘flavors’ to address these needs.

BP Logix was noted  specifically for:

  1. User interface: Well-designed software needs to be developed with users in mind. BPMS users aren’t simply inputting data; they are relying on software to help make their businesses more efficient and effective.   Info-Tech  states: “BP Logix is a prime example of a user interface correctly done” and goes on to note our drag-and-drop functionality, event process format and Timeline technology.
  2. Web access: Businesses  operate around the clock. Having access to  processes is critical. Info-Tech notes that BP Logix allows access to all of its services through web browsers and also supports mobile browsers on iOS devices. According to Info-Tech, we  stand out among the competition.
  3. Timeline: Our patented business process automation software technology, Process Timeline,  was recognized as ”adding a real-time dimension to BPM. Info-Tech notes: “The Timeline demonstrates the interdependence of the events within a workflow… and  offers predictive modeling which analyzes historical data and creates a context-aware environment that optimizes processes and forms.”

We are proud of what the report acknowledges as our strengths and capabilities. There is satisfaction in knowing that the work we are doing is valued and validated by both third party research groups like Info-Tech and by our customers.

–Marti Colwell, VP Marketing and Business Development

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