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Enterprise BPM (Business Process Management)

By BP Logix on Mar 13, 2016 4:36:00 PM

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Enterprise BPM: Enterprise Business Process Management | BP Logix

What is Enterprise Business Process Management?

Enterprise business process management (enterprise BPM) operates with an eye toward finishing each quarter having demonstrated an improvement over the previous quarter. By growing the business, delivering new products and increasing engagement with existing customers, almost every organization emphasizes growth that comes in three-month segments. Driving towards profit increases often lead, however, to a short-term focus on making the bottom line look good. Past a certain point, however, you cannot reduce costs -- and there are only so many 11th hour purchase orders you can squeeze from either existing or new customers.

At some point, organizations will need to innovate their enterprise BPM solutions to make services and offerings more desirable -- and show leadership and commitment to your constituents. The question to ponder is: Is it truly possible to drive innovation while your business is hyper-focused on meeting quarterly projections?

In all fairness, trying to be more innovative is like trying to be funnier; Jim Carey was born with something that just isn't in Lee Iacocca's genes. Demanding that your product managers "Make new, innovative products now!" will likely lead to a mad dash for the door. In most cases, however, there isn’t a single formula  that states innovation (automatically) equals  growth and success. Rather, creating a platform and environment to ‘be innovative’ hopefully leads to changes in that direction. By positioning your organization to encourage new thinking and new ways of doing things, you will ideally be leading it towards an environment of innovation.

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This is precisely what we view as one of the major advantages of enterprise BPM software. With enterprise business process management (BPM), implementing doesn't start and end on specific days. A smart organization doesn't really "do" BPM rather it implements, refines and operates according to a well-considered and thoughtful series of processes. In doing that, the organization actually becomes stronger. Instead of imposing  ‘innovation’ into a specific timeframe, it becomes embedded within the fabric of the organization.

In an enterprise environment where things move quickly and deadlines are the focus, it is not feasible to halt operations until a new way of working is ‘ready’ to be implemented. In fact, one of the most fundamental aspects of Process Director enterprise business process management software is that, by design, it is iterative and flexible. After an initial analysis and understanding of your organization's needs, you will be able to implement (and even modify) running processes, even as your needs change.

The inherent nature of enterprise BPM is to be adaptable.  Since an enterprise is a moving, growing thing, it is logical that enterprise business process management can be the platform upon which an organization can base its operations.

The Value of Process Director Enterprise BPM Software

Another question that is frequently debated is how do you ascertain the value of BPM in your enterprise? The benefits of BPM and success are achieved and reiterated continuously when there is dedication to a way of doing business, and alignment towards specific goals. Our customers have elected to rely on Process Director enterprise BPM software as a fundamental way of conducting business because they know that with reusable processes, they can reach their goals faster -- and with a greater likelihood of success. Properly constructed enterprise business process management enables employees to work more efficiently, facilitates better decision-making and accommodates process exceptions. This ultimately translates into a smarter way of operating the business.

When these things happen, the results are reflected in the bottom line -- and measurable things like employee productivity, ROI, revenue-per-employee show measurable business process improvement. And as the nature of the enterprise changes, people will spend less time working on processes and more time allowing the processes to enable them to get things done. This is where BPM implementation truly provides value to the enterprise.

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