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Conquer complexity and achieve compliance

Automate complex approval workflows across the Pharma value chain and stay compliant every step of the way.

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Easy Automation for Pharma, it's About Time

Learn how BP Logix decreased risk and accelerated time to market for a Pharma leader


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Greater compliance, less complexity, configured to your unique workflows.

  • Ensure compliance and prove it through e-signatures, permissions and access management, and always-on audit tracking.
  • Automate complex SOPs using intelligent routing and approval.
  •  Get a competitive edge with tailored applications configured with pharma-specific workflow components.

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Janssen innovates with tailored workflows

Tailored Solution


Flexible, fast and compliant processes


Intelligent routing and approvals


Robust compliance capabilities

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Always-On Audit Tracking


Pre-built workflow components

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Higher Education - BP Logix - FINAL

Education workflow software transforms operations


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Build applications tailored for your process, not your competitor's 


In a rapidly evolving environment for Pharma, leaders are using BP Logix' low-code automation platform to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Intelligent routing and approvals -Identify attributes associated with each individual user (role, product access, geography) and intelligently route tasks to the right people at each step.
  • Validated system capabilities -  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 certified Electronic signatures, user access permissions,  authority checks and more, to ensure compliance. 
  • Pre-built workflow components - Pharma-tested building blocks can be assembled quickly to build tailored applications that solve your unique challenges.
Results our pharma customers are seeing:
  • 10X+ speed of reviews
  • Reduced fines and brand damage
  • 50% lower cost vs. incumbent solutions

Pre-built Workflow Components

Pre-built workflow components


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Learn why the largest names in Pharma use BP Logix to accelerate their approval processes.

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Education workflow software transforms operations


Working with paper-based manual processes is costly and inefficient, causing significant delays in completing projects and assignments. Process Director - Higher Education Edition digitally transforms education workflows with streamlined information and efficient processes.

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