Product Provides Process Intelligence, Advanced Reporting and Records Management

San Diego, Ca — August 22, 2012 — BP Logix, developer of BPM software that accelerates time-to-value, today announced the release of Process Director Version 2.5. The new version of the company’s flagship product provides the process intelligence and advanced reporting customers need to deliver the benefits of enterprise process transformation. Process Director Version 2.5’s process intelligence and advanced reporting capabilities provide both the depth and flexibility of expensive, dedicated reporting tools, plus additional functionality to support sophisticated business activity monitoring (BAM) and process insight.

Additional functionality in Process Director 2.5 includes: 1) Records Management capability that supports both disposition rules and retention policies for submitted forms, 2) Offline task approvals for mobile devices, 3) An enhanced Business Rules Engine that integrates with other applications to facilitates improved decision-making and 4) SAML v2 support for authentication. These features provide process owners with the ability to adapt in-flight processes based on real-time information, avoiding costly slippages and disruptions to the process timeline. Process Director 2.5 is available in both on-premise and Cloud versions.

According to Forrester Research,1 BPM can be a full-contact sport for teams looking to drive enterprise process transformation. However for teams looking to reap some of the benefits of process automation, increased process visibility and responsiveness to new compliance requirements, traditional BPM suites can be overkill. In the most recent version of Process Director, BP Logix introduces sophisticated process intelligence and reporting capabilities that use real-time metrics to predict when deadlines will be missed. These new features also allow process owners and project managers to simulate potential scenarios in real time – i.e. with running process instances – to assess the impact of different scenarios for getting business process and projects back on track. BP Logix Process Director enables business users to define, automate, manage, report on and improve business processes — and moves business process management (BPM) under the direct control of business users. The product’s Process Timeline™ technology enables business users to review historical and current data related to business processes, specify the order, dependencies and conditions related to activities within running processes and instantly implement corrective action to overcome a pending problem, if one is present. As a result Process Director enables decision makers to make faster and more accurate decisions on running processes. Fusing traditional workflow automation with the BP Logix Process Timeline, Process Director/Cloud Edition provides product functionality within a SaaS paradigm.

“Managing cross-functional projects that address process automation, respect dependencies and conditions, incorporate workflow software, electronic forms/signatures and predictive analytics are requirements of companies seeking to drive process improvement to a higher level. Process Director is a tool that facilitates that improvement for our customers,” he concluded.

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