How Higher Education is Leveraging Process Automation to Transform and Scale

Even before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions have been experiencing a growing demand to become increasingly digital. A combination of enrollment decline and the move to a virtual education model has accelerated the need for digital transformation, which requires replacing or updating legacy systems and adapting quickly to new procedures.

Instead of struggling through a mad dash to create new complicated workflow arrangements, process automation allows these institutions to quickly build applications with minimal skill and time constraints, increase integration capabilities, and meet compliance requirements with ease.

Streamlining digital transitions using Process Director

Migrating applications to the cloud has become fundamental in the strategic partnership between IT and business leaders to drive change, but a large majority of institutions are still using on-premises legacy platforms to facilitate operations in student, finance, and HR systems. Because of the impending move toward digital, institutions are beginning to re-evaluate how they can improve their strategic results without having to rip-and-replace their existing systems.

Process Director from BP Logix enables higher education organizations to create a sophisticated digital experience that not only requires less specialized developer knowledge on the back end but also fosters greater student and faculty engagement on the front end.

Historically, developing internal tools to build workflows is a development intensive process. By implementing Low Code Platform with Process Director, organizations can act on changing demands quickly, augment gaps in existing systems, and eliminate hundreds of hours of coding time.

According to Paulo Graxton, Assistant Director of Operations at University of Central Florida, “You no longer need that very specific developer on staff. I don’t need a coder. I just need someone with a business mindset. Process Director is so easy to work in that I’ve actually brought in students to help build processes and reports.” 

You can read more about Paulo's journey here.


"Process Director is so easy to work in that I’ve actually brought in students to help build processes and reports.”

Paulo Graxton

Assistant Director of Operations

University of Central Florida

Putting process automation into practice

Institutions like Columbus Tech, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, and Ogden Weber have spoken toward the efficiencies that Process Director has improved within their systems.

When federal, state, and university policies for finance and HR were instituted due to COVID-19, the Nutrition Research Institute of UNC had to quickly implement changes to its internal processes to meet the new requirements.

“With Process Director, we were able to quickly modify existing financial forms — Expense Reimbursement, Invoice Payment, Purchase Order Request — to track COVID-19-related expenses,” said Eddie Serrano, Deputy Director for Research Business and Operations at UNC. “Our new workflow also allows us to easily seek other necessary approvals according to procedural changes instituted by the University.” Read more about Eddie's story here

Across the board, Process Director has allowed higher education organizations to modify and enhance their existing systems, including:

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