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Learn how BP Logix’s customers in the education industry have used Process Director BPM software to help improve efficiency.

"When we decided on BPM, we had a vision that went beyond solving the business problem we had at that time. We believed the technology would also enable us to ignite a digital transformation initiative and mentality. Now we are seeing the real results of that decision.”
Mikel Etxeberria Alustiza
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives and Technology

UCF Global’s Decision Criteria:

  • Comprehensive PeopleSoft integration

  • Attractive, web-based, and responsive user interaction;

  • Built-in support for multiple languages, locales, and cultures;

  • Easy integration with a broad array of databases, web services, and applications;

  • Directory synchronization with LDAP, Active Directory, and Windows network security;

  • Full integration with federated authentication services, including Oauth and SAML.

  • Strong encryption of data at rest, and data in-flight;

  • Digital signature of documents;

  • Granular permissions structure, with temporary privilege escalation.



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The UCF Global team built and deployed its first application quickly – and began transforming and digitizing other key areas. On average, the team spent less than a month conceiving, creating, as well as deploying each application; their most complex application to date required only four months.

The leadership at UCF Global is pleased with the results. Phase I met expectations. The University now has a platform that can be exploited to add value to the business. According to Exteberria, “We can automate thousands of things but it’s not just about moving from paper to digital – it’s about leveraging Process Director’s capabilities to improve and transform how we conduct business, in keeping with our agenda and the University’s initiatives.”


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