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Piece of Cake

By BP Logix on Aug 22, 2012 2:09:00 PM

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I hear that unspoken hesitation when potential customers are thinking about implementing new changes. While I’m on technical walk-throughs, showing off our software, I hear a range of responses from silence, to descriptions of jaws dropping to expert IT questions about database connectors.

I wonder about what happens after the call is over. How are you going to make a successful major business process improvement? By breaking it down into small pieces, let everyone have a chance to adapt and adjust. Break up a big project - implement it in digestible pieces. Swallowing an entire cake is impossible!
I think there are ways to reduce the headaches – ways to slice up that cake.
The Shotgun approach? One potential client admitted this was their workflow type. Is this how your work “flows” through the department? The best way to find out is to engage the end-users where you can. New software can be uncomfortable and your current process needs work- admit it up front, and have a laugh. Start to slice up your cake but don’t reach for the giant cake “piece” left next to the cut slice.
Engaging the front line owners to get their feedback will provide a smooth rollout.

It’s going to get so much better! Jointly map out your current workflow. Order a pizza for the people who are in the workflow stream – they’ll give you the best feedback. Do this before new technology is implemented. We don’t care if your process is written down on paper stained with greasy pizza sauce!


We’ll help you wherever your process is at…just keep aiming for one slice of that cake at a time.
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