Global Pharma Company Increases Agility and Compliance with BP Logix


One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies with over 130K employees was frustrated with its off the shelf publications planning software. Their legacy system was expensive and couldn’t enforce compliance requirements.

Record extraction was onerous, and integrations were expensive. Debarment checks and authorship agreements were often missing due to the manual nature of their processes, increasing compliance risk. As a result, the company was forced to hire agencies to do compliance track-downs, dramatically increasing total cost of ownership. After conducting an extensive Voice of the Customer analysis and becoming aware of the excessive data quality issues, it was clear a change was needed.


With the need for change established, the company looked into low-code solutions as a way to balance the need for agility and compliance. Finding a low-code solution that could handle the complexity of highly regulated workflows and specific requirements like collaborative editing across multiple publication formats was a challenge.

The company eventually chose BP Logix because of their flexibility, ease of use and robust compliance capabilities. BP Logix not only met the stringent requirements, but could also easily integrate with other enterprise applications, resulting in more streamlined processes across the publication planning lifecycle.


The BP Logix Publications solution was tailored to the company’s unique publications review process which made it more user friendly. The robust workflow management and data validation capabilities eliminated the need to build workflows manually for each project and greatly reduced compliance risk.

As a result of the newly designed solution, the time it took for submitting a publication for review was cut from several hours to minutes, which increased speed to market, critical in this highly competitive marketplace. In addition, the total cost of the new solution was 50% lower than its predecessor.

Finally, the use of the patented “Process Timeline” approach provides visibility to management on process metrics, bottlenecks, and how long each step in the publication process takes. The choice to transition to BP Logix was a resounding win, and continues to provide a competitive advantage for this Pharma giant. 


We have never implemented a system as seamlessly as this one across the company."

Director, Global Commercial Strategy

Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company

BP Logix for Pharma is the only low-code platform that helps IT leaders keep up with the demand for automation. With systemwide integration, and the ability to conquer complexity, IT leaders can build connected, compliant applications that kickstart digital transformation.

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