Make complex FDA submissions easy with Approvia.

Get full control of regulatory affairs with the workflow automation tool that's easy to use, configurable to your processes, and affordable.

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Gain end-to-end visibility.

Conquer compliance gaps.

Speed up approvals.


The problem?

Regulatory submissions are not managed together. 

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The solution?

Centralize the processes with Approvia.

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Handle complex regulatory documents as dossiers.

Structure your FDA submission, then let Approvia handle automated review assignments and focus tasks across multiple departments.

Configure approval  processes to match your team's ideal work state.

Approvia is designed to be customized to your standard operating procedures, which prevents your users from adopting clunky workarounds or switching between multiple applications.

No more password chasing.

Our novel approach to review and approval assignments allows your external stakeholders to securely contribute to documents, without the need for a login or password.

Reduce errors and compliance risks.

Approvia's granular audit logs ensure your application and regulatory submission documents follow FDA guidelines, eliminating the risk of delays or rejection.

Configured to your unique SOPs

We configure PubPro to your unique SOPs, which prevents your users from adopting clunky workarounds or switching between multiple applications.

Reduce errors and compliance risks

PubPro ensures your publication management processes are air-tight and constantly adapting to ever-changing regulatory and business requirements.

Unmatched configurability

Approvia offers the perfect balance of pre-built functionality and flexibility, with 80% of the solution already built and the remaining 20% configured to your unique requirements.

80% pre-built to 20% configurability

This means you get the speed and affordability you need, plus powerful customization options not available in competing regulatory affairs management software.

Why BP Logix?

Our flexible, scalable process automation solutions empower medical affairs teams at life science organizations to operate better and do their best possible work.



Built on a powerful low-code platform

With Process Director, you get a process engine that works every time.


Easily scale to support new processes

There's endless possibilities for automating and optimizing other processes, whether you use one of our pre-built use cases or create your own.

Cost-effective platform licensing

Enjoy the greatest bang for your buck as you create more new processes.


We're more than a SaaS provider

Get the convenience of SaaS with the added luxury of a consultative business partnership. We’re there to support you every step of the way.