Professional Services

BP Logix offers a variety of services to help you deploy and manage expertly crafted business processes. From training, to hands-on assistance, to turnkey application development, BP Logix is your partner in delivering successful, efficient and robust BPM-driven applications.

Professional services available from BP Logix fall into three categories:

  • Training

    BP Logix offers a full array of training to help you create effective and powerful eForms, workflows, Process Timelines, knowledge views, business rules, reports, and more. Training is web-based and instructor led, with each class devoted to a single customer (up to five individuals) for maximum effectiveness.

  • Direct Assistance

    Process Director is designed to make it easy for you to create and deploy highly customized business processes. Sometimes, though, it makes sense to turn to the experts for help. Direct Assistance keeps you in charge of your schedule and deliverables, while providing you with a resource for advice and direction on an hourly-rate basis.

  • Professional Services

    When you want us to be responsible for creating your application, from beginning to end. Our Professional Services team combines industry knowledge with product expertise to deliver complete turnkey solutions, at your direction.

Here are just a few examples of the many successful collaborations between the BP Logix Professional Services team and our customers:

  • A promotional material collaboration and approval application for a Fortune 100 client. The application features multiple authentication sources, integration with the customer’s training (LMS) system, and secure participation of vendor personnel. The application accepts and processes approximately 50,000 submissions annually.
  • A policy review and approval application for a major municipal agency, involving the participation of leadership at the highest levels of city government.
  • An employee onboarding application for a major regional grocery chain. Turnover in this industry is very high; using the application built for them by the BP Logix Professional Services team, our customer is able to bring new employees online quickly while at the same time ensuring that all relevant regulatory requirements have been met.

To learn more about how our professional services experts can help you achieve your business process goals, please contact us.