Manufacturing Customer Success Stories

Learn How We’ve Helped Manufacturing Companies Improve Workflow and Become More Efficient

With help from BP Logix Process Director, manufacturing and construction companies have been able to reduce process and workflow redundancies, while delivering greater value to their customers.

See how we’ve helped some of today’s leading manufacturers achieve greater business optimization and adopt business process best practices:
Liquid Controls Case Studies

After evaluating a number of traditional online processing solutions, Liquid Controls discovered that they were in need of something more robust. With BP Logix Process director, they received a workflow and eform solution that worked the same way their employees worked.

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Multi-Chem Case Studies

With the HR demands created from having more than 700 internal users, and any number of internal documents, Multi-Chem needed help bringing automation, simplicity and organization to their HR & workflow business processes.

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Vulcan Materials Case Studies

Through automated smart forms and workflow solutions, BP Logix helped Vulcan Materials Company, the nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates, achieve more visibility, efficiency and profitability.

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