The complexity of building and delivering goods and services in the global economy is probably felt most profoundly by manufacturing and construction companies. With many construction workflow management software and manufacturing workflow software solution or services, input and communication renders location essentially unimportant. Those in the business of building hard goods need to ensure they have materials to do their work, and the ability to deliver finished products irrespective of geography. Because of the increasingly detailed nature of accomplishing projects, there is a greater need for construction and manufacturing workflow software solutions to adopt and adhere to these kinds of business processes.

Bringing the promise of workflow automation to quality assurance, order processing, engineering change control, and Sarbanes-Oxley/ISO compliance, BP Logix BPM construction and BPM manufacturing software solutions offers manufacturers and construction management the ability to avoid redundancy, increase the speed of decision-making and eliminate waste.

Whether your goal is continuous business process improvement, optimizing your inventory and supplies, automating your workflows and approvals or improving order processing, our BPM and workflow software offers a robust set of features purpose-built for the manufacturing and construction industries:

And more!

Process Director brings visibility and control to your workflow and document management processes, while enabling manufacturers and construction to respond more rapidly to changing customer requirements.

Automating The New Product Development and Launch Process

Creating and releasing new products requires a high level of accuracy and efficiency for manufacturers. Vulcan Materials recognized the need to automate its new product development and launch process, which was heavily email driven.

As a result, the IT department partnered with business users to increase visibility, accountability and productivity into their workflows with Process Director.
Click on the link below to learn how IT and business users are benefiting from implementing Process Director.

Learn how Vulcan Materials IT and business users are benefiting from implementing Process Director.

Construction & Manufacturing Workflow Software Success Stories

Through BP Logix BPM software, manufacturing and construction companies are able to reduce process and workflow redundancies, while delivering greater overall value. See how our construction and manufacturing workflow software solutions have helped some of today’s leading manufacturers achieve greater business optimization and adopt business process best practices.


With the HR demands created from having more than 700 internal users, and any number of internal documents, Multi-Chem needed help bringing automation, simplicity and organization to their HR & workflow business processes.

Learn more about Multi-Chem.

Liquid Controls

After evaluating a number of traditional online processing solutions, Liquid Controls discovered that it was in need of a more robust manufacturing workflow software solution. With BP Logix Process Director, they received a workflow and eform solution that worked the same way their employees worked.

Learn more about Liquid Controls.