As hotels and resorts expand and compete, automating employee onboarding, revenue management with hotel software and hospitality management can quickly demonstrate a return on investment. Transitioning from manual forms to electronic forms, providing mobile BPM to access review and work approvals and authorizations and reducing the time and cost of delivering services are applications for which Process Director hospitality workflow software is well suited.

The design, management and supporting infrastructure of business processes are a critical competitive differentiator to organizations in this volatile and competitive sector. Using hospitality workflow software and automating business processes is one of the first steps to improving operational agility and creating the new, global structure.

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Hospitality Workflow Software Examples

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is one of the leading hotel and leisure companies in the world – and a major proponent of the Process Timeline™ business process automation technology.

Starwood needed to replace a legacy hotel revenue management software system that included lengthy processes, involved frequent changes and encompassed multiple “pass-offs” from business users to the IT organization. They wanted a cloud workflow solution capable of managing highly parallel processes and providing a better customer experience. Starwood also wanted a BPM software solution that could measure and predict process execution times, incorporate dependencies and conditions, determine the status of any process at-a-glance and make changes to running processes.
With new properties coming online monthly throughout its system (more than 1100 properties in 100 countries and territories), a hospitality workflow software that did not require IT involvement and could be learned and implemented by business users was a necessity.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts

One of the world’s leading hotel companies, Starwood replaced a legacy revenue management hotel software with a Cloud-based BPM solution to manage highly parallel processes and provide a better customer experience.

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