Improving insight and transparency across business operations, complying with complex regulations and more effectively managing risk are some of the current issues government organizations face as they strive to better manage their business processes. With business processes that span departments, roles and systems, the need for BPM for government organizations and agencies has become increasingly important to help maintain efficiency and speed along with greater integration of these government software systems – and near real-time responses.

Experience Real-Time Business Process Improvement with BPM Software

Process Director government software provides operational insight to government agencies seeking to demonstrate BPM compliance, business process governance and ethics reporting, provide audit trails for IT procurement, monitor teleworker engagements and more. BPM for government entities enables them to improve efficiency while also reducing operational costs and show near real-time business process improvement.

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BPM for Government Examples

City of West Allis

West Allis has long been recognized as a forward-looking city. A suburb of Milwaukee, it counts among its biggest employers a diverse array of both manufacturing and services business, including well-known brands as Toshiba, C&H Distributors, and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Over the past 20 years, West Allis has made a major effort to revitalize its east side industrial corridor through redevelopment and outreach to new employers— and continues to be a good place in which to do business.

The Problem

BP Logix engaged with West Allis regarding a government software for streamlining its business and permit processes. To encourage new business and facilitate the expansion of existing organizations, the city’s Information Technology team needed a more efficient and responsive government software solution to processing licenses, permits, work orders, building inspections, and requests for services. In essence, The City of West Allis wanted to help things move faster, eliminate red tape and be easy to work with.

The Solution

Every government agency stores huge amounts of data intended to help it run with greater efficiency and purpose. With a solutions like Process Director BPM for government entities, the City of West Allis can put this data to better use. Through Process Director and an approach that incorporates social media, a wider audience of stakeholders can participate in the creation and delivery of processes and services.

Having adopted Process Director BPM for government solutions, the City of West Allis is experiencing numerous benefits including

• The ability to identify bottlenecks in processes
• Allowing Aldermen and other City leaders to base decisions on real data
• Increased efficiency, communication and compliance across city departments
• Significant time and resource savings on building inspections


National Eye Institute

Part of its robust IT infrastructure, NEI turned to BPM to improve its document management , retention and ethics reporting processes and procedures.

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City of West Allis

A forward-looking city, West Allis manages its infrastructure and growth by implementing BPM.

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