In a time of regulation, financial BPM software and financial workflow software enable financial service organizations to leapfrog the competition with consolidation and reporting, the ability to easily and accurately demonstrate BPM compliance and business process governance, automate SEC filings and report on end-of-the-month activities. Customer onboarding, risk management, account management and customer support are areas well served by Process Director financial BPM software.

Helping financial organizations meet and exceed customer service expectations, provide visibility into processes and streamline document management play to the strength of business process management and financial workflow software like Process Director.

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Financial Services BPM with Business Process Governance and BPM Compliance

Process Director financial BPM and workflow software helps financial services organizations easily operate fluid, reliable, and dynamic processes while at the same time ensuring that they don’t run afoul of auditors and regulators. Strong, compliant processes are the best predictor of a healthy and growing business. With Process Director financial services BPM solutions as a key partner, financial services organizations can flourish even in the face of ever-changing regulatory and business process governance conditions. It’s the best solution for secure, auditable BPM compliance.

Financial BPM Software and Financial Workflow Software Examples

Stillwater National Bank

Stillwater National Bank (SNB) turned to financial service BPM solutions to improve customer service, address compliance requirements and ensure a more efficient, cost-effective operation. As a result of its need to replace an existing product that was incapable of developing useable workflow processes and electronic forms, SNB selected Process Director financial BPM software. The product has been deployed to automate SNB’s loan credit and Accounting processes – as well as automating more than 120 forms used by employees across 28 locations.

Thanks to Process Director financial BPM software, SNB is streamlining its loan credit process, saving man hours, time and money — and has a well-documented and audited process.

SNB found that it could do everything the Bank needed to with Process Director — including complex logic for forms, spawning, different rule sets and calculations on loan documents.

MIC Risk Solutions

MIC Risk Solutions, Inc. (MRS) provides property and casualty insurance and re-insurance services, as well as broker and risk management services, to Japanese customers. They turned to financial workflow software to automate and streamline their increasingly complex workflow processes and to move away from manual, paper-based systems.

MIC Risk Solutions needed a financial workflow software solution that met the follow requirements:

• Make workflow and data reusable
• Provide the ability to view all aspects of the workflow process at a glance
• Enable end users to lead business process improvements within the company

Process Director was able to help provide the framework and structure that MIC Risk Solutions needed to handle its growth and the transition from paper-based manual processes to automated and streamlined electronic processes enabled them to achieve dramatic time and cost savings as well as efficiencies.

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