Finding the perfect BPM solutions and workflow solutions requires more than just selecting a solution that automates some of your business processes. From workflow approval and compliance automation to document workflow management and collaboration, the solution you choose must be able to bring efficiency and uniformity to your entire organization.

With many satisfied customers and every industry served, BP Logix has a proven history of developing software that enhances workflow efficiencies, fosters growth, and encourages organization-wide adoption.

Please, browse below to learn more about a few of the industries leveraging our advanced BPM solutions and workflow solutions.

Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences

By standardizing their business operations and workflow processes, pharmaceutical companies, life sciences, and healthcare organizations are able to improve efficiencies while reducing operational costs.

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Manufacturing & Construction

Bringing automation to order processing, quality assurance, engineering change control and Sarbanes-Oxley/ISO compliance, BP Logix BPM software enables manufacturers to avoid redundancy, increase the speed of decision-making and and eliminate waste.

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Financial Services

In a time of regulation, consolidation and reporting, BP Logix BPM solutions empower financial services companies to more readily demonstrate compliance, automate SEC filings and quickly report on end-of-the-month activities.

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Engineered to deliver a collaborative working platform while eliminating regulatory compliance headaches, Process Director workflow solutions helps pipeline companies, utility providers and distribution organizations manage, monitor and continuously improve internal business activities.

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From cost estimating new projects to routing and automating approvals, BP Logix BPM solutions helps advertising and marketing firms streamline their review process, improve engagements with customers, and avoid duplicating data entry.

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As hotels and resorts explore new ways to expand and compete, BP Logix BPM and workflow solutions offer a powerful new way to cut costs, reduce service delivery time, and improve overall operational agility.

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BP Logix Process Director provides operational insight to government agencies seeking to demonstrate compliance and ethics reporting, provide audit trails for IT procurement, monitor teleworker engagements and more.

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Whether addressing student admission requirements, purchasing issues, course certifications or research grants, BP Logix business process automation solution aids educators in the distribution, monitoring and process management of information.

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