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HR Workflow Software Solutions by BP Logix

Digital Process Automation: Digitally Transforming Human Resources

“Apply Online was our first project for Process Director and it was an unqualified success. We have a streamlined process, a PDF that goes to the right person, a searchable database that anyone can use – and no longer pay maintenance on an HR application we outgrew and disliked.”
Dan Pelosi

HR is too often a hive of paper-based legacy systems that are error-prone and unreliable.


In order to improve accuracy and efficiency, HR leaders who are looking to improve their HR workflow processes are increasingly turning to Process Director to ensure that:

Information is correct, properly routed and appropriately secured

  • Human Resources workflow processes are consistent and compliant
  • Access to information is available on demand
  • Approvals are handled efficiently
  • Authorized managers have visibility into all aspects of the process

Customers are using Process Director today in a wide variety of HR workflow software related applications, including:

  • Personnel changes
  • Employee performance appraisal and review
  • New hire processing and termination
  • Travel, expense and time reporting
  • Vacation and leave requests


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Maximizing Human Resources Workflow


Thanks to Process Director’s HR workflow software solutions, HR teams are realizing a number of BPM benefits. Employee engagement is improved as each employee is empowered to initiate action on their own behalf, and to track the progress of their requests. HR Staff are more productive, spending less time chasing down lost paperwork. And management is delighted with the stringent accountability, simplified business process governance and regulatory compliance that Process Director brings to their entire organization.


Discover what you can achieve with Process Director!


Process Director sets the pace for your digital transformation and advertising agency workflow goals. Request a free demonstration of Process Director and discover for yourself how this unique BPM platform empowers you to innovate, respond to market demands, and delight your customers. Or, contact us to learn more about how our business process management software has helped our customers conquer their digital challenges.


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