Whether they are installing and configuring hardware and software, or responding to engineering change orders and service requests, the IT team is vital to your organization. The need for IT workflow management software has become increasingly important as interacting with the IT department in many places has become cumbersome. Relying on organizational knowledge about whom to contact about what, and routing forms through multiple levels of review and approval has organizations search for BPM IT solutions.

Some IT workflow software can markedly reduce the time employees need to spend on specific tasks. Taking less time and using fewer resources to achieve desired results creates the kind of efficiency that all companies seek to achieve. To achieve those results requires an IT department who can identify the right BPM IT solution that can do the job, encourage collaboration, integrate successfully with existing applications (and the company’s security infrastructure) and be acceptable to stakeholders. After all, with the right mix of applications and tools, an IT department’s actions can contribute to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Most companies enable the IT department to make the IT workflow changes necessary to enable the organization to become incrementally more successful. But organizations that seek excellence and want to grow more dramatically have come to rely on a different kind of IT manager: one that knows both the technology and business requirements needed to achieve revenue growth. One of the ways this happens is through building a BPM IT foundation, on top of which tasks and activities move fluidly towards business goals.

Process Director IT workflow management software helps your IT department acheive those goals allowing them to become more nimble, more responsive, and more effective, so they can:

  • Ensure that new employees have timely and secure access to applications and other technology resources
  • Record and produce information needed for audits
  • Provide a consistent and secure approval worklfow process for processing requests
  • Coordinate requests from various departments, facilities, vendors, and suppliers
  • Order and deliver hardware and software in a timely fashion
  • Meet SLAs
  • Fulfill change requests
  • Manage your ISO or BPM IT compliance documentation
  • Enforce and maintain internal security, business process governance and auditing policies

How can Process Director IT workflow management software make your IT department so valuable and efficient? Its rich feature set and simple user interface combine to offer these BPM IT solutions:

  • Visibility into your internal processes
  • Timely reporting in support of management decisions, business process goveranance and regulatory BPM compliance
  • Process consistency and reliability
  • Enhanced process success through elimination of lost or mishandled requests
  • Electronic forms software for reduced paper handling and manual routing, eliminating errors and delays
  • Greater user satisfaction due to more efficient processing and more predictable results

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