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Governance, Risk and Compliance Software Solutions by BP Logix

GRC Solutions: Reduce Risk While Reducing Costs

“One of the benefits we are aware of already is that it will be easier to survive audits! With our forms automated, there will be a lot less effort for both the auditors and us – and, of course, there are even more government regulations to address.”
Cynthia Jones
Supervisor Data Analytics and Software Integration

GRC Solutions: Reduce Risk While Reducing Costs


In today’s unpredictable and highly competitive business environment, with its changing regulatory requirements, a holistic approach to GRC solutions just makes sense. Using governance, risk and compliance software is about ensuring that your organization is proactive, not reactive—and in control, not out of control. One of the most common business process governance challenges of companies faced with GRC issues is compliance with The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX).


In order to meet SOX requirements, and other governance, risk and compliance  challenges, organizations need GRC solutions to:

  • Produce accurate, real-time information for managers and knowledge workers
  • Locate the correct version of documents and policies
  • Preserve an audit trail of reviews, edits, and approvals
  • Process documents (emails, file server, printing, etc.) quickly and reliably
  • Maintain individual and departmental accountability for all regulated actions

Encompassing risk management, audit management, compliance management, and policy management, Process Director governance, risk, and compliance software solutions will:

  • Track and report on document approval history
  • Maintain a consistent, documented process methodology
  • Enforce full accountability for all actions taken in the course of a process
  • Reduce paper handling and manual routing, eliminating errors
  • Prevent productivity problems due to lost or mishandled documents
  • Provide easy-to-use and easy-to-access auditing functions that enable fast, accurate response to audit inquiries


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Learn About the Three Major Challenges Faced by Regulated Organizations


Our ‘Business Process Management: A Compliance Perspective’ whitepaper reviews the 3 major challenges faced by regulated organizations (Universal Regulatory Compliance, Industry Specific Regulatory Compliance and Routine Audits) and identifies ways that Process Director’s Governance, Risk and Compliance software capabilities can help to overcome their business process governance needs.


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