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Reduce Overhead with a Comprehensive BPM Solution

A Lean Response to a Tight Budget


By leveraging the right business process management software (BPM software), a CIO can reduce overhead, improve business processes and minimize audit costs.

Unlike most other business software–invoice management, say, or travel expense processing, or purchase order approval–BPM tools are malleable into a huge variety of applications. In other words, by using a single BPM solution, a CIO can reduce overhead by replacing  their existing inventory of dedicated apps, one by one. Got a dedicated time and project tracking solution? Customize a more efficient one using your existing BPM product, and say goodbye to training, annual maintenance fees, and one more vendor. Same with new hire onboarding. Same with customer service requests. And so on.

At the end of the day, by leveraging the right BPM software and workflow software, the CIO can  reduce overhead, improve business processes, and minimize audit costs. And they can take on each project opportunistically, starting with eliminating the most expensive application, perhaps, or the one that creates the most audit challenges each year.

In order for this approach to make sense, the choice of a comprehensive BPM solution really does matter. Process Director BPM software can help reduce overhead by:

  • Accelerating The Internal Routing Processes: Reduces paper handling and manual routing; eliminates errors and reduces the lifecycle of document, content and forms processing.
  • Automating Business Processes: One of the workflow advantages of Process Director is that the workflow engine automates business processes by giving business users easy-to-use workflow tools. It allows existing processes to be mapped into powerful, predefined workflows. A graphical workflow builder and workflow reporter give users control over their workflows.
  • Shortening Projects: Time-to-market is critical for all organizations. Reduce overhead with workflow automation software and tracking that accelerates the approval of internal projects. All members of a group or team can simultaneously perform tasks as part of the workflow process. Automatic email notifications alert members when a task is assigned to them—or if they are in jeopardy of missing a due date.
  • Eliminating Errors and Miscommunications: Reduce overhead with process consistency, eliminating errors and problems due to lost or mishandled requests. Pre-defined workflow definitions guarantee that the same process is followed for each project or request. The products provide efficient tracking, management and reporting on all running processes.

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“If we only saved five minutes per inspection we would be saving tens of thousands of dollars per year. With building inspections alone we can anticipate saving almost 3,000 hours or 1.78 positions. And, as people retire we won’t be filling those positions which is an additional cost saving.”

– Jim Jandovitz, Director of Information Technology and Communications

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