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Digital Business Transformation Solutions by BP Logix

Don’t Just Evolve… Exceed

Process Director BPM software provides digital business transformation solutions that maintain document integrity, security and regulatory compliance, ensure consistency of regulations and accelerates the delivery of form-based information.


Organizations worldwide are making the leap into digital business transformation, and with this movement comes a changing set of expectations by customers, vendors, and stakeholders. Don’t just meet these digital business transformation expectations, exceed them using Process Director’s ability to:


  • Maintain Document Integrity and Security: BP Logix Server stores documents securely on the server, giving authorized users access to the most current version of each document. By assigning roles and granting permission, you can ensure secure access to all documents stored on the server.


  • Ensure Consistency of Regulations: Reusable rules can be used by various objects to ensure that a policy is consistent across multiple processes.
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance: Mitigate the risks associated with electronic information management and regulatory compliance. Comprehensive security management, access control, and auditing features enable your organization to maintain compliance with various regulatory mandates (Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA).
  • Accelerate the Delivery of Form-Based Information: The BP Logix workflow software automatically routes completed forms to appropriate users for review/approval. The routing provides automated email notifications and personalized task lists for users who must review or approve a form. Users can complete tasks directly from within an email, even when offline.

Discover Our Award-Winning BPM Software!


Intellyx Digital Innovator Award - 2021


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Discover Our Award-Winning BPM Software!


Discover Our Award-Winning BPM Software!


The first step in arriving at the doorstep of digital business transformation is readiness. Readiness is more than a desire to improve. Organizations with whom we have worked have shown not just a willingness to implement a digital business transformation solution, but have also prepared themselves to ‘modify’ the way they operate their business processes. That preparation is what we call “readiness” — and that aspect of the customer life cycle (preparing to change and doing the necessary things in order to change) is probably the single best indicator of potential success.

The following factors, and the ability to address them, usually help organizations determine how ‘ready’ they are to tackle existing problems and move forward with innovative digital business transformation solutions:

  • Redundancy: Is your organization currently using multiple systems to assess and process the same information? Are you prepared to identify and use a single, optimized tool for data collection and processing?
  • Identification: Is there a clear understanding in your organization about roles and tasks? If not, can you create a model that aligns tasks, people and expectations?
  • Task assignment: In order to keep processes and tasks moving forward, how do you currently address tasks and task review? Can you identify the specific responsibility for specific tasks?
  • Approval process: Is there a clear definition as to who reviews and approves tasks? Are you able to change the nature of your organization so that approvals and decision-making can be handled by identified individuals and/or groups?
  • Productivity: Is there a loop in which decisions and actions keep getting routed and delayed? Is it possible to assign specific individuals with the authority to make decisions and advance the process?

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Process Director sets the pace for your digital transformation and advertising agency workflow goals. Request a free demonstration of Process Director and discover for yourself how this unique BPM platform empowers you to innovate, respond to market demands, and delight your customers. Or, contact us to learn more about how our business process management software has helped our customers conquer their digital challenges.


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