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BP Logix helps enterprises become smart, agile, digital organizations that effectively use business processes to manage how work gets accomplished. Process Director is an industry-leading workflow solution that emphasizes an organizational process mindset that enables enterprises to address and serve more people in more markets on different devices. It is a key business engine for organizations that have adopted dynamic cloud and hybrid environments because it enables processes to use APIs, data repositories, and real-time application development to make predictions and improve business decision making.

Process Director creates effective business processes identify data in context to connect the right people and integrate multiple processes all to drive better business outcomes.

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Workflow Management Tools

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Organizations around the world turn to Process Director as their business process management platform to produce highly customized, workflow-driven applications to meet their business challenges. These companies have escaped the “build vs. buy” trap, empowering their knowledge workers to rapidly create (and easily modify) tailored solutions without programming.

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Digital Transformation

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