Solutions don’t need to be convoluted to be comprehensive, nor do they need to be intimidating to be scalable.

That is the difference that Process Director brings to the game: custom applications comprehensive enough to handle complex business problems, but created on an intuitive platform that is business-user friendly.

Built by BP Logix, Process Director is a BPM software solution that allows you to create applications quickly— ones that scale well and are easy to restructure… two essentials for organizations that will inevitably grow and change.

Are you relying on a host of complex and overreaching applications to manage your workflows and business processes? Interested in simplifying your approach without sacrificing functionality? Need to automate your forms and processes more rapidly - or deploy your applications without custom development?

Free Up Your IT Department

Because Process Director can be handled well by business users, it allows IT to get back to its monstrous to-do list. It also gives the people closest to the issues the tools to fix those problems optimally. Their way.

  • Rapid Deployment: BP Logix simplifies implementation, providing rapid deployment at both the departmental and enterprise level.
  • No programming required: Put control where it belongs – in the hands of the business users.

BP Logix will help you automate, control, track, audit and report on business processes - All from one application.

No Visio? No Problem

Though we do offer the standard ‘if-then’ Visio workflow diagrams, Process Director’s Process Timeline™ provides a powerful alternative— a Gannt-chart style processing engine that offers predictive analytics pulled from your own data. Have complex parallel tasks? No problem. Need something that can scale to hundreds or even thousands of discontinuous activities? No problem. Need something that doesn’t require manual interventions and provides DYNAMIC estimated completion times? No problem and no problem! Process Timeline is included in the Process Director suite of tools, ready for you to deploy.

  • Timeline-based and traditional process modeling: BP Logix is the first vendor to introduce the dimension of time into business process management.
  • Process awareness at a glance: Plan the time it takes to complete your process and each task within it. Quickly determine whether a process will be late, before it fails!

Make Audits Fun!

Okay, well perhaps not fun… but at least alleviate the pain of audits by using Process Director to create secure and customizable audit trails. With our BPM software solution you can track changes, maintain accountability and collect data for meaningful reporting and analysis.


While we do not promise sentience, we do promise that Process Director’s AI features will enable you to transform your data streams into powerful predictions. With accessible machine learning tools that don’t require a data scientist to leverage, you can take your information to the next level whether it is in-house, IoT (Internet of Things), or beyond!

We Got You

BP Logix provides customer support that goes beyond the standard. We create relationships with you that begin with in-depth online training for your organization. Our responsive services team is also available to help as much as you require (or desire). We also offer custom options that we can work with you to create. When you reach out to us, we answer.

Discover what your applications could be. Discover Process Director.

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