One workflow software solution for all your business management processes

Are you relying on a host of complex and overreaching applications to manage your workflows and business processes? Interested in simplifying your approach without sacrificing functionality? Need to automate your forms and processes more rapidly – or deploy your applications without custom development?

BP Logix will help you automate, control, track, audit and report on business processes – All from one application.

Our user-friendly approach to Business Process Management (BPM) includes:

    • Rapid Deployment: BP Logix simplifies implementation, providing rapid deployment at both the departmental and enterprise level.
    • No programming required: Put control where it belongs – in the hands of the business users.
    • Timeline-based and traditional process modeling: BP Logix is the first vendor to introduce the dimension of time into business process management.
    • Process awareness at a glance: Plan the time it takes to complete your process and each task within it. Quickly determine whether a process will be late, before it fails!

Learn how BP Logix delivers workflow solutions to match your evolving business process management needs. Schedule a demo and discover the benefits today.