Process Director™

Automated Form-Based Solutions

Process Director™ is an intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) platform that empowers users to create custom, workflow-driven business applications—without programming.

Process Director offers an intuitive and familiar MS Word-based graphical user interface, enabling users to build forms quickly and easily. The result is a flexible, adaptable user interface customized to your specific needs that works transparently with the workflows that form the foundation for your processes.

BP Logix customers—including leaders in government, non-profit, education, and industry—have deployed Process Director to address a broad range of challenges.

Customer Facing

  • Customer onboarding
  • Student registration
  • Support requests
Governance and regulatory compliance (GRC)

  • Regulatory reporting
  • Policy management
  • Audit
Information Technology

  • Support requests
  • Provisioning
  • SDLC oversight
Supply Chain

  • Marketing asset submission and approval
  • Order/invoice processing
  • Contract management
Human Resources

  • Employee onboarding/
  • Performance reviews
  • PTO/vacation requests

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