Process Director: Forms-Based, Workflow-Driven Apps for Compliance

In today’s unpredictable, competitive, and constantly changing business environment, a holistic approach to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) simply makes sense. GRC, which encompasses risk management, audit management, compliance management and policy management, ensures the alignment of the strategies, processes and technologies that improve efficiency— and effectiveness.

Process Director, an advanced BPM and workflow solution, can help make your organization more efficient, effective and compliant. It will:

  • Provide a repository for all documents and activities associated with a process
  • Maintain a consistent, documented process methodology
  • Enforce accountability for all actions taken in the course of a process
  • Track and report on document revisions and approval history
  • Reduce paper handling and manual routing, eliminating errors
  • Prevent issues and delays due to lost or mishandled documents
  • Provide easy and fast access to auditing and compliance requirements, facilitating fast and accurate responses to audit inquiries

BP Logix customers—including leaders in government, non-profit, education, and industry—have deployed Process Director to address a broad range of challenges.

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