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Benefits of Process Director

“BP Logix has excellent people who are easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Working in Purchasing over the years I have talked to millions of vendors. With BP Logix I didn’t feel like I was being ‘sold.’ The product is great, the people super friendly and we are on our way to a successful launch.”

“Process Director is easy to use, making modifications is simple and it was easy to install.”

About The University of Texas El Paso

The University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) is a public coeducational university and part of the University of Texas System. UTEP ranked second in federal research spending among UT institutions in 2006, and in fiscal year 2006 reported $45.7 million in total research spending.

From 2011-12, UTEP spent nearly $70 million in research, and anticipates an expenditure of $76 million for the 2012-13 academic year. In addition, the National Science Foundation has designated UTEP as a Model Institution for Excellence, one of only six in the country. UTEP is also one of only 11 universities nationwide to receive a $5,000,000 ‘Teachers for a New Era’ research grant from the Carnegie Corporation.

Business Challenge – Manual Routing, Approval and Records Retention of University Documents

From its inception, UTEP has been a very innovative campus. Concurrent with a campus-wide Green Initiative, combined with its Earth Day Initiative, UTEP’s IT department began searching for a workflow product to eliminate the use of paper wherever possible.

With thousands of paper forms and documents being used across departments, reviewing, approving and accessing them quickly and easily was a major challenge. Electronic documents would eliminate paper, automate the review and approval process and make records retention faster and simpler.

Decision Criteria

IT enlisted users from different departments, including Student Enrollment, HR, Business Affairs and Auditing, to form a task force to define requirements for a workflow solution. Among them were; electronic workflows, electronic review and approval, the ability to handle digital signatures and a records retention process.

The top five most highly requested features by employees included:

  • The ability to move documents across campus via electronic workflows
  • Enabling the review and approval of electronic documents via email
  • Providing dashboards that allowed users to edit, view and receive messages regarding activities and tasks, as well as retrieving reports, forms and notifications
  • Having electronic signatures
  • Populating form fields by extracting information from a database instead of requiring users to input that data

Evaluation Process

The task force conducted a web search and identified five semi-finalists based on the list of ‘must-have’ features. From there, the team short-listed three products, ultimately selecting BP Logix Process Director.


Within 30 days of training on Process Director, UTEP employees were developing forms and workflows. Business Users, in conjunction with IT, are quickly and easily developing forms for processes.

Users report that Process Director is easy to use, allowing them to edit, review and approve electronic documents quickly and easily via email. As a result, departments are meeting deadlines easily and effectively.


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