About Stillwater National Bank

A subsidiary of Southwest Bancorp Inc., Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company (SNB) was founded in 1894. Headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Bank has assets of $2.3 billion and specializes in commercial and personal lending, deposit, investment services, specialized cash management and other financial services. Within Texas, SNB operates as SNB Bank of Austin, SNB Bank of Dallas, SNB Bank of San Antonio and SNB Bank of Houston. In 2007, Southwest Bancorp also purchased Bank of Kansas, which now boasts eight branches in Kansas.

SNB turned to BPM to improve customer service, address compliance requirements and ensure a more efficient, cost-effective operation. As a result of its need to replace an existing product that was incapable of developing useable workflow processes and electronic forms, SNB selected Process Director. The product has been deployed to automate SNB’s loan credit and Accounting processes – as well as automating more than 120 forms used by employees across 28 locations.

Thanks to Process Director, SNB is streamlining its loan credit process, saving man hours, time and money — and has a well-documented and audited process.

SNB found that it could do everything the Bank needed to with Process Director — including complex logic for forms, spawning, different rule sets and calculations on loan documents.

Let us know if Process Director can help you address your accounting and automation needs.


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Stillwater National Bank Streamlines Key Business Processes with Process Director