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Capabilities and Needs

“The IT staff wanted to integrate a new portal with our existing systems –and wanted a BPM tool designed from the beginning with APIs. That way we could develop around the tool and use it as an engine.”

Benefits of Process Director BPM Software

“We have a number of processes that can benefit from being automated by Process Director BPM software. There are too many of them to think of at the moment however automating them will help us to be more agile, efficient and in compliance.”

Discover how Labor Finders Addressed Its Onboarding Workflow and Compliance Issues

Labor Finders International, Inc., a franchise company, is the oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company in the United States. Founded in 1975, Labor Finders outsources to construction, maintenance, industrial, hospitality and manufacturing companies as well as offering skilled staff for electrical, carpentry, hospitality, office and clerical requirements. The company continues to place over 20,000 temporary workers every day.

As a light industrial staffing franchise company with 200 offices nationwide, supported by a centralized organization, Labor Finders International is both a large and small company at the same time. Another unique aspect of the company is the high employee turnover due to the nature of its business. Serving a very specific niche, Labor Finders hires some people that work literally one day — and others that work with the company for years.

With more than 100,000 people applying for work each year, developing a standardized electronic employment application that becomes part of an automated onboarding workflow process was a critical need. In addition, there are compliance requirements that have to be addressed by both Labor Finders and its franchisees.

After completing the initial research, Jorge Quintana developed an RFP. He acknowledged that the IT staff wanted to integrate a new portal with existing systems —and wanted a BPM tool designed from inception with APIs .Three companies were short-listed, a Proof of Concept completed and BP Logix Process Director then selected.

The end result of automating its employment application process will be that all Labor Finders employee applications, onboarding workflow data and documents will be integrated seamlessly with its proprietary staffing solution.


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