Manager of NEC Labs Information Systems Technology Group

What Sanjay had to say about his experience…

Capabilities and Needs

“We wanted a product that would enable us to minimize delays and make tracking more visible. With a fully automated system, all processes would follow predefined paths that would make the system more effective as well.”

Benefits of Process Director

“Right from the start – from talking to customer references to interacting with BP Logix staff – it has been a wonderful experience. The price point is right and I’m happy!”

About NEC Labs

Ranked as one of the world’s top patent-producing companies, NEC Labs researchers work full time on projects that involve next-generation technology. Managing and documenting the IP that becomes part of patent submissions, technical reports, or abstracts for papers is critical to the Labs. To do so more effectively required an automated system that would provide electronic workflows and routing, electronic signatures, minimize delays and make tracking more visible. The Labs selected Process Director – then imported and transformed data from 15,000 documents and 20,000 records to the new system, capturing 17 years of research and storing it within Process Director’s repository. Researchers on deadline now know the status of all release approvals while administrators can track all documents instantaneously. Management can now report on project status across facilities and research groups.

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is a major concern for the laboratories that are part of NEC’s global research infrastructure. With labs in Japan, Europe, China and the United States, NEC’s mission is to impact the needs of both the research and high tech industry through programs that focus on technology research and early market validation in support of NEC’s core businesses.


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NEC Laboratories America Protects Intellectual
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Sanjay Palnitkar, Manager of NEC Labs Information Systems Technology Group, shares his experience on Process Director

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