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Capabilities and Needs

“From an IT perspective, Process Director appeared to have everything we needed – including the ability to quickly transition from an outline of a process to a functional workflow.” – Mark Adkins

“While ethics reporting represents our first process, we have lots of different kinds of documents and needs, including document disposition, initiation to final storage and retention that also need to be addressed.” – Terry Williams

Benefits of Process Director

“With Process Director in place we can consider the entire life cycle of documents and their requirements.” – Terry Williams

The National Eye Institute: A Process Compliance Success Story

In accordance with policies developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health conduct and support basic, clinical, and translational medical research. To provide a robust IT infrastructure that supports its scientific research, the National Eye Institute (NEI) must respond to both regulatory and legislative requirements. Because the Institute is funded by taxpayers, NEI must also demonstrate that it is fiscally responsible and prudent in its decision-making.

One of the requirements the Institute faced dealt with improving its document management and retention process and procedures. One of the most visible sets of documents within NEI involved its ethics reporting process. Since reporting requirements also change from year to year, every Institute employee has to complete forms, validate ownership of funds, and be prepared to address financial and also moral ethics requirements. No sooner had the current year’s ethics reporting been completed than the process of vetting employees for the new year began again.

NEI needed a system that built on a methodology that was easy to configure, would enable information to be extracted and analyzed and addressed its IT security requirements as well. Process Director provided the solution the Institute needed. From its early work in document management, the Institute turned to Process Director to handle document disposition, storage and retention.

Let us show you how Process Director can address your compliance needs, as well as document management and retention requirements.


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