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Benefits of Process Director BPM Software

“We have already discovered that Process Director’s business rules engine lets you go as deep as you need to be consistent with your business process. This has made our lives a lot easier.”

“Many of the requests for adjustments to the intranet workflow that IT receives can be handled with simple drag and drop functions on the graphical interface. Process Director BPM software enables us to not have to be a development shop yet we can customize applications for our business users.”

About Liquid Controls

IDEX Corporation manufactures and markets a wide array of engineered pumps and other industrial products and is the world leader in fluid-handling technologies. Since 1954, Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.

Business Challenge: The Need for Instantaneous Access to Forms and Documents

Like most successful companies, Liquid Controls has a company intranet for employees to access forms and information – from HR policies and procedures to expense forms. However, the system appeared to be more of a repository than a dynamic intranet workflow portal because many of the forms were static and had no workflow associated with them. As a result of manual processing and storing, forms and documents were misplaced and information was frequently lost.

Accounting wanted to improve and gain better control of the manual, paper-based CapEx process. As a result of misplaced documents, Accounting was missing audit deadlines.

Quality Assurance needed all quality procedures to be online. One document alone required 12 signatures and several times it was discovered that no one knew who actually had the form.

The Sales Team required an automated sales quoting process. The intranet provided a sales quoting tool, however the forms had no workflow. Submitting, tracking and storing them was also a manual process. Creating monthly reports to management required a lot of time and work.

Decision Criteria For An Intranet Workflow Solution

The IT team wanted to find a way to improve accountability, put more structure around business processes and respond more effectively to changing requirements. Its goal was to find an intranet workflow solution that would allow IT to develop electronic, rules-based workflow applications and allow users to work with eForms as dynamic as the processes themselves. It also needed to ensure seamless access to information for both its employees and auditors.

The IT team then established five criteria for the intranet workflow solution it wanted to procure. In addition to providing online forms and workflow, the product also needed to:

  • Require minimal coding or back end development
  • Roll out quickly and enable users to make changes easily
  • Be scalable
  • Be cost effective
  • Be deployable out-of-the-box

Evaluating Intranet Workflow and Electronic Form Development Options

The group examined trial versions of Adobe and Microsoft forms builder. Both were good products but could not resolve the workflow challenges Liquid Controls was experiencing. After further evaluation, IT recommended Process Director BPM software as their intranet workflow solution.

Solution: A Dynamic Intranet Portal with Integrated Workflow

By implementing Process Director for a variety of business applications throughout the company, Liquid Controls is experiencing less re-work, better parallel tasking and more standardization.  Business users have a visual audit trail, know to whom tasks were assigned and when completed, making the process a lot more efficient. IT can also develop the user requested workflows without writing code.

Finance is able to get a picture of current capital spend at any time using built-in reporting functions. Capital Appropriation Requests are also tracked automatically using the integrated SQL function capabilities of Process Director.

With Process Director in place, reporting, tracking and auditing functions are seamlessly integrated into the Intranet. Authorized employees and auditors can easily access all information to see the entire lifecycle of a change or request. Information about any request can be instantly accessed and displayed graphically. With Process Director’s electronic signature technology the audit trail includes electronic signatures of everyone who approved the request or change.

The sales team is able to produce sales quotes more quickly and easily. Electronic forms are now stored with appropriate metadata. Data is automatically available for opportunity reports using the reporting module feature of Process Director.


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