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Capabilities and Needs

“Tracking installations manually was not sufficient as things could be missed and there were an increasing number of properties and users requiring a solid system. We knew we needed  a hotel revenue management solution to automate our processes to have a better customer experience – and it had to be one that could be used by business users (and not require the assistance of IT) would be cost effective and could be quickly implemented.”

Benefits of Process Director

 “As a business group, we needed a hotel revenue management solution that didn’t require us to write code in order to implement workflows and provide the automation we required. BP Logix Process Timeline was a huge benefit to us. The Cloud Edition represents an ideal solution for organizations that want quick results with a lower capital investment.” 

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts needed to replace a legacy hotel revenue management system that included lengthy processes, involved frequent changes and encompassed multiple “pass-offs” from business users to the IT organization. They wanted a cloud-based BPM solution capable of managing highly parallel processes and providing a better customer experience. Starwood Hotels & Resorts also wanted a solution that could measure and predict process execution times, incorporate dependencies and conditions, determine the status of any process at-a-glance and make changes to running processes.

Cloud and Web-Based Requirements

With new properties coming online monthly throughout its system (more than 1100 properties in 100 countries and territories), a tool that did not require IT involvement and could be learned and implemented by business users was a necessity.

Guglielmetti’s team determined its primary criteria. Among those were:
• Route documents without user intervention
• Be easy for end users to navigate
• Accommodate end user decisions as to next steps
• Manage parallel non-linear processes running concurrently
• Interact with hotel users outside their own group
• Provide security based on system roles and responsibilities
• Cloud-based and Web-based– no infrastructure on site
• Be able to develop the solution without IT involvement
• Be dynamic and cost-effective

As he began to explore third party hotel revenue management solutions, Guglielmetti concluded that what he needed was a product that would address workflow but also include a framework for managing processes. Ultimately that led him to conclude that he needed a true BPM solution.

Process Director BPM Software as Their Hotel Revenue Management Solution

Over the course of three months, three hotel revenue management solutions were short-listed. The team drilled down, confirming that it had a number of processes whose workflow, activities and routing needed to take different paths based on pre-defined criteria. Upon meeting every one of Starwood’s criteria, Process Director BPM software and workflow software was recommended, then selected.

“We immediately had a good feeling about BP Logix. We felt that the team took the time to learn about our processes and demoed to us in a way that reflected that knowledge, which was important to us. Other BPM vendors did not do that,” Guglielmetti declared.

Starting with 33 steps in its Process Timeline and at an average of 27 weeks of elapsed time, Guglielmetti’s team developed the implementation of Starwood’s automated hotel revenue management solution. As it has been used across more properties and staff, there are now closer to 100 steps and the steps have become smaller. In addition, the elapsed time to implement has been reduced to approximately 15 weeks. “Control is more finite, with smaller tasks and assignments. I don’t understand why anyone would do it any other way,” Guglielmetti observed.


Customer Interview

Matthew Guglielmetti shares why Starwood Hotels & Resorts selected Process Director Cloud and the Process Timeline to automate and manage its revenue management requirements.

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